Wisteria Tree

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Wisteria Tree

*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews

Keynote: Time for clarity; illuminatiuon and new learning at hand.

This exotic plant is very powerful, with dynamic ties to archetypal energies. In pagan traditions, it has been a popular name taken by those who are students
and scholars. Just aligning with its name helps manifest greater opportunities to learn, especially to learn that which is not normally accessible. It awakens
inspiration in the life of the individual, and in fact, it has been known as the "poet's ecstasy".

Occultists and healers have used its fragrance to draw good vibrations. This tree's flower activates the heart and throat chakras. It awakens a realization
of the good that is already present within one's life; it clears the fog within the aura. It stimulates creative expression and the "power of the
word". It is a rare spiritual influence that can be a passport to higher consciousness. It opens the doors between the realm of humanity and the realm of
the Divine. It assists us in contacting other planes of life and higher forms of illumination.

*On Dreams/Mary Summer Rain

Wisteria reflects spiritual beauty and grace.

*Magical Herbalism/Scott Cunningham

Wisteria- The door between the world of men and the realms of the Gods, the passport to higher consciousness. Wisteria is used to contact other planes of
consciousness and existance, and to bring illumination. Wear only when in complete serenity.

*The Master Book of Herbalism/Paul Beyerl

This is an herbe of all students, scholars, and those pursuing intellectual development. It will stimulate the brain, aid in keeping thought organized, and
will aid in helping achieve educational goals. The oil may be used, or the flowers made into a tea.
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