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Turkey represents give-away, sharing, harvest, spirituality, and honoring.

Turkey gives of itself so that others can prosper. It teaches that you must empty your cup so that Spirit can fill it to the brim with even greater gifts.
There is no hesitancy in this giving and it comes from the heart. He is of the Earth and speaks to you of the earthly gifts that sustain us all. He knows the
hidden secrets of the forest and field and where the new growth is beginning. Turkey will help you to expand your mind's eye to see further than your own
needs to those of family, community, or world. He is a social creature that demonstrates the value of strength in numbers. There is an innate understanding
that comes with this totem for the sacrifices we must all make and the heart that must sustain them.

Turkey will help you to see your own virtures, morals, and integrity as you walk your path. He recognizes the inner spirit of all those he comes to know and
helps you to see that you are a spirit with a body not a body that has a spirit. In this way the material aspect of life is lifted so that greed and
selfishness are overcome. Right action on the behalf of others will inspire you to grow and recognize that all of life is sacred.

Turkey always brings a gift when he arrives, be it of mind, body, or spirit, an dit is usually something that will restore the balance and harmony that is
needed. This generous nature does not give so that others will owe a debt of gratitude, but it gives from the heart so it will know that the right thing was
done. It teaches the lesson that by giving and passing on that heart-gift will teach others to do the same. In this way all our needs will be met and we will
have no fear of going without them. No one owes this to anyone since it is an act of spiritual love that does not require a tally sheet. What we give to others
we then give to ourselves. Let Turkey keep you in the balance of thankfulness and giving always.
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I have the same problem eating turkey as I do
eating chicken, except it is much worse with turkey.
Image Wanting to
know if this could possibly be a totem since I don't eat
it at all anymore.
On the 2nd or 3rd
Thanksgiving after my Stepmom came into my life, I
remember sitting at the table and taking a bite of the
delicious-smelling turkey. I could NOT eat anymore! I got
in trouble for "wasting food" but I
would NOT eat another bite! I must have been 10 or 11
years old. What happened was that after I took the first
bite, I immediately visualized a live turkey. I recall it
vividly even now. The turkey was purdyful, strutting
around the yard of my imagination. I tried to take
another bite then, after brushing the thought away, but
as I chewed, I had the distinct awareness that I was
spit it out and just could not eat turkey
After many years, I ate a
turkey wing now and then, but found them too greasy and
they made me sick. Except for one woman Eloise made
smothered turkey wings about 4 years ago, and they were
GOOD. Since then I cannot remember the last time any
parts of turkey passed my lips.
even though I don't recall having a particular attraction
to Turkey in childhood or even now, could this be a totem
since I cannot (rather, will not) eat Turkey? Just
Wild turkeys are
opportunistic feeders with broad tastes. They eat nuts,
berries green foliage, grasshoppers, lizards, salamanders
and more. The turkey can fly powerfully for short
distances but has difficulty maintaining that power in
longer stretches. For those with this totem it is
important to learn how to channel their energy in a
balanced way. Quick bursts of energy can lead to
undesirable results. A person can tire quickly and have
no energy left for other activities. Tai Chi or other
forms of martial arts would be beneficial. In addition,
variety in diet is advised for optimum health.
Female turkeys lay an average of 12 eggs. One
plus two equals three. Three is the number of
reoccurrence and those with this medicine often have
reoccurring themes or situations to deal with in life.

The medicine power of the turkey is
renewal. To the native peoples, the turkey was a sacred
bird because of the abundance of them and because of
their good tasting meat. Wild turkeys were an abundant
food source for the early European refugees, as well as
the native peoples. But uncontrolled hunting virtually
wiped them out in several central and northeastern
states. When reintroduced, they renewed their populations
very rapidly, growing to many thousands. If turkey has
gobbled its way into your life, its message may be that
you need to cultivate and care for those renewable
resources that benefit your life.

Wild turkeys were almost eliminated because they were
taken for granted. Those with this totem need to remember
that nothing is an endless resource if it is not honored
and nurtured. Remember to ask yourself if you are relying
on something in your life that you always expect to be
there, but are taking no steps to treat in a sacred way?
This can pertain to a human partner as well as a
resource. If so, learn from the turkey and realize that
everything has limits.
From Jamie
Sams Medicine Cards:

Ho, Brother Turkey!
So freely you
Of everything that you are,
others may truly live.

Turkey is
actually thought to be the Give-Away Eagle or South Eagle
of many Native peoples. The philosophy of give-away was
practiced by many tribes. Simply stated, it is the deep
and abiding recognition of the sacrifices of both self
and others. People in modern-day society, who have many
times more than they need, should study the noble turkey
who sacrifices itself so that we may live. In Turkey's
death we have our life. Honor Turkey.
Spectators unfamiliar with the cultural
phenomenon of the pot-latch or give-away ceremony are
often mystified by it. A tribal member may gladly give
away all he or she owns, and do without in order to help
the People. In present-day urban life, we are taught to
acquire and get ahead. The person with the most toys wins
the game. In some cultures, no one can win the game
unless the whole of the People's needs are met. A person
who claims more than his or her share is looked upon as
selfish or crazy or both. The poor, the aged, and the
feeble have honor. The person who gives away the most and
carries the burdens of the People is one of the most
Turkey was the medicine
of the many saints and mystics. Celebrate if you have
turkey medicine. Your virtues are many. You have
transcended self. You act and react on the behalf of
others. You aspire to help those who need help. This is
not out of some sense of self-righteous moralism or
religious guilt. Help and sustenance are given by Turkey
out of the realization that all life is sacred. It is
knowing that the Great Spirit resides within all people.
It is an acknowledgement that what you do for others you
do for yourself. Turkey medicine rests in true ego, in
enlightenment. Doing unto others and feeding the People
is the message of all true spiritual systems.
Depending on how Turkey is aspected in your
cards, you are being given a gift. This gift could be
spiritual, material, or even intellectual. The gift may
be great or small, but it is never insignificant.
Congratulations. You may have just won the lottery. Or
the gift may be a beautiful sunset, or the smell of a
fragrant flower. On the other hand, you may feel the
"spirit of giving" growing within you,
and wanting you to share with others.