Wow. I printed this earlier today, then just asked about Turkey being a possible totem. When I read the new info I found on Turkey, I saw that Salamander was one of the things it likes to eat. Hmmm... :hmmm

I loved Salamanders as a kid. :nod I only encountered them at summer sleep-away camp, and always bought them back to the nursery to keep as pets. (My Aunt was the camp's Doctor and I stayed with her rather than in the bunks with the other kids.) I haven't seen one since summer camp days though. Very interesting.
The Salamander

Salamanders most commonly occur in freshwater and damp woodlands, principally in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They are generally short bodied, four legged, and moist skinned animals with bold patterns and bright colors. Patterns and colors have different meanings to different people. Examining the patterns and colors of the salamander can help us discover the intricate patterns that govern our lives. Unwanted emotional patterns can be restructured or eliminated by the study of sacred geometry and meridian alignments.

Like other amphibians the salamander absorbs water through their skin and needs a moist habitat in which to live. Those with this medicine need to be around water for their overall health and well being. Breeding often occurs in the water although certain members of this family breed on land.

The word amphibian comes from two words--"amphi" = "double" and "bios" = life. Amphibians divide their life between land and water. From a symbolic aspect, this can reflect much about what has often been taught in lore about its power. Salamanders are often regarded as the keeper of dreams. Their ability to live in water and on land can reflect that lucid dreaming is going to be stimulated.

The salamander hears and responds to low frequency tones rather then high pitched ones. These tones are primal in nature and can help us gain entry into the underworld. To strengthen ones sensitivity to such sounds playing the didgeridoo as well as drumming is helpful.

Typical salamanders undergo a larval stage that can last for a period of a few days to several years. The development of a child with salamander medicine is usually slower than other children their age. Specific periods of major transitions are common and easily pinpointed. Those with this medicine will find themselves continually learning, growing and developing their body, mind and spirit throughout the early part of their life. In their adult years knowledge gained as a child will surface.

Salamander medicine is a subtle teacher, from its patterns and colors, to its connection with the elements. Those with this totem will often find themselves living a double life. Their thoughts and actions can seem odd and unusual which gives them the power to assist others in shape shifting their reality.

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