This information is shared by Joe/Bear Smiles, please look into Grasshopper as well if you are interested in this Medicine, they are related.

The Cricket

Crickets are scavengers and feed on organic and decaying plant material. They live under rocks, logs, in meadows, pastures and along roadsides. Because they are active at night, ancient myth associates the cricket with the lunar energies of intuition and sensitivity. When this medicine is fully developed in man logic is balanced with intuition. If underdeveloped the individual takes everything that happens around them to heart and sets them self up to become a victim of circumstance. Emotional discord follows. If the later is true pull in your energy field and do some form of aerobic exercise. This will help strengthen your emotional core and ground your physical body.

Known as natures musicians, crickets can be heard chirping loudly especially during mating season. Their chirping sounds are made by rubbing together their 2 front wings. Attracting a mate with only a chirp can be tricky especially if the females are far away. The cricket not only joins in unison with other males trying to be as loud as possible, but it is also uses its ingenuity to find a mate.

In Africa the tree cricket uses leaves growing on plants to make a megaphone. The cricket chews a pear shaped hole in the leaf and sticks his head through the hold, the leaf bends around his head in a bowl shape like a speaker baffle. Then the cricket presses his sound making wings against the leaf and chirps. These leaf amplifiers increase their sound by up to 10 decibels.

Not only do crickets teach us how to be resourceful and use our ingenuity to acquire a desired outcome they also serve as a weather barometer. Crickets are cold blooded. As the temperature rises on a summer day their metabolism and behavior speed up. The hotter the temperature gets the faster they chirp. When they stop singing altogether it means a storm is approaching. Those with this totem should heed the crickets warning. Storms are symbolic and can indicate that an emotional, mental or physical challenge is coming your way.

The crickets hind legs are modified for jumping. They leap over difficult situations effortlessly always choosing to land in a more pleasing environment and can teach us how to do the same. A powerful ally that embodies the qualities of faith and trust the cricket serves us well. All we need to do is follow its lead.

Sending Smiles

"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star"

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