Mongoose ~ Mary Summer Rain/On Dreams
Mongoose represents a quick wit and sharp awareness in respect to perceiving deception.

D.J. Conway/Animal Magic
The Mongoose, a carnivore related to the civet cat, is of the genus Herpestes. This gray-brown animal lives in India, Africa, and southern Spain. It has a sharp nose, narrow body, and short legs. Its three-foot lenght is about half tail. This creature is easily tamed. Very agile and intelligent, the mongoose is valuable for its destruction of lizards, insects, and snakes, especially cobras,

The Mongoose, a palm-rat, is found throughout the Middle East, including Egypt and India. In some legends listing the weasel, the actual creature meant is the mongoose.

The Mesopotamian goddess Ningilin was connected with this animal; this goddess was invoked in spells repelling snakes,.

Superstitions: The Mongoose will aways kill a cobra and is immune to the venom. This is not true; sometimes the mongoose loses the fight and dies.

Magical Attributes: Defense, protection, destroying evil. For the capture and conviction of criminals of any kind.

Swiftly leaping, danger keeping
In a corner, impotent.
Mongoose-power, come to our
Defense. Destroy all ill intent.
Corner, cage, with righteous rage,
All those who threaten, harm, or kill.
Imprision, bind, those of dark mind,
Beneath the mongoose-power and will.

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