Quail Medicine

*Bobby Lake-Thom/Spirits of the Earth:
Quail are good signs. They symbolically communicate that a friendly person is coming. For example, if yu are out for a walk on an isolated road or path in the woods and suddenly a Quail appears near you, it is letting you know that a friendly person is going to cross your path. If a covey of Quail show up near your house, it means a family is coming. If one Quail suddenly runs in front of you, dances around in a kind of crazy manner as if all nervous and excited, but doesn't fly away, the it is telling you that someone up ahead finds you attractive and will probably flirt with you.

*Patricia Telesco/The Language of Dreams:
In the Middle Ages, quails were characterized as having amorous personalities, and were given the symbolism of eerotic energy. Courage and victory in battle. In Rome, these were fighting birds. In a cage, the quil came to represent the embodied soul that seeks freedom. Transmuting any poisons that threaten your physical, mental, or spiritual health. Aristotle believed that quails could safely eat toxins like hemlock that normally killed humans. Unexpected blessing. The ancient Hebrews received quails as a miraculous feast (Ex. 16:11-12). Among Hindus, the quail symbolizes spring and the returning sun. Similarly in Russia, this was an emblem of the dawn, a time of hope and new beginnings.

*D.J. Conway/Animal Magick:
The term quail covers a number of small birds in the genus coturnix. They tend to live in temperate and tropical regions almost throughout the Old World, including Australia. The migratory quail breeds in northern Europe and winters in the tropics. The quails of the United States, such as the bobwhite and others, are only distantly related to the European quail.

A flock of quail will always have one bird as a lookout while feeding. This guard will chatter to the others, warning them of approaching danger. I've watched quail toy with my cat for long periods of time, the lookout bird telling the others where Flash was, the flock staying just beyond his reach.

The symbolism of the quail covers a wide area of the world, from Ireland to China and Japan, and from Northern Europe to Central America. It was considered to be a night bird and was associated with the Fire Phoenix by the Chinese. In some cultures, the quail symbolized Spring and good luck, while in others it meant Summer. Many times this bird was classified as erotic and phallic.

The quail was an emblem of the Greek deities Apollo and Artemis because Hera had turned their mother, Leto, into a quail. The goddess Astaeria was also changed into a quail at one time. The Romans associated it with courage and victory in battle.

Among the Phoenicians, eating quail was taboo. it was, however, sacrificed in a Spring festival to hercules, to the god Ba'al, and to the god Melkart because he defeated the evil Typhon.

To the Hindus, this bird was a symbol of the returning Sun each year. In Hindu legends there is the story of the Asvins reviving the quail that had been swalllowed by the Great Wolf of Darkness and Destruction. This probably refers to the returning Sun symbolism.

When Russia had ruling royalty, the quail was an emblem fo the Tsars. However, the bird appears in early myths as a symbol of the Sun found by the Dawn Maiden.

The Mayans sacrificed the quail to certain of their gods.

Superstitions: It was believed that quail fattened themselves on poisonous seeds. Aristotle said that they ate henbane and hellebore.

Magickal attributes: Good luck, courage, victory. For success in a project.

*Denise Linn/The Secret Language of Signs:
The quail bird can be a hononym for the quail that means to fear or to recoil in dread. Is there something in your life that you are shrinking back from? Are you cowering in fear?

*Mary Summer Rain/On Dreams:
Quail stands for fearful thoughts; anciety; lacking self-reliance.

*Lady Stearn Robinson & Tom Gorbett/The Dreamer's Dictionary:
A dream of eating it predicts an improvement in your living conditions; to dream of hunting it indicates an agreeable surprise.

*Ted Andrews/Animal-Speak:
Keynote: Group Nourishment and Protection
Cycle of Power: Spring and Autumn
Teh quail is a member of the chicken-shaped bird family known as the galliformes. This also includes, chikens, pheasants, grouse and such. In fact, quails have much the same habits as chickens. These should be examined as well, if quail has flown into your life.

Because they are considered good eating, they have come to be associated with nourishment in many areas. Their frenzied mating antics though have also earned them a reputation for sexuality and fertility. In ancient Greece, they were considered a symbol of the return of spring.

The bob-white is a member of the quail family which speaks its name. This distinctive call has been associated with the mysticism of names. It is a bird which can help you to learn your soul name, the name that stays with you lifetime after lifetime. it has knowledge of the power of names and the naming process. Hearing the sound of the quail during the first week before or after the birth of a child can reflect you have chosen the most beneficial name for that child.

Quails live in groups called bevies. In cold weather, they will often nestle together to stay warm. They will often sit in a tight circle on the ground, tails together in the center, their heads facing the outer rim of the ring. They appear like the spokes in a wheel. This posture enables them to fly in all directions to onfuse the predator when they are threatened.

The quail has a wonderful ability to easily spot danger. It takes off with a loud explosion. This startles the predator, distracting it and enabling them to escape. Quail can teach you to be mindful of dangers and how to explode to safety when threatened. It teaches how not to hesitate during times of crisis.

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