Walnut Tree

*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews
Keynote: Power for transitions: hidden wisdom.

Walnut is one of those trees with strongly aromatic leaves, bark and fruit. There are varieties of walnut trees, each with their own unique characteristics. The butternut variety has a fruit that is a true dye. It will stain the fingers and cannot be washed off. Black walnut wood has been a staple of furniture makers. At one time, black walnut trees were so plentiful that they were even used for snake-rail fences. In some cases, the wood actually changes color when viewed and lighted from different angles. This hints at walnuts secret life and power.

The autumn equinox was a time for the ritual gathering of nuts--especailly the walnut. It was an act that was as magical as it was mundane. It provided food throughout the winter and spring, but the gathering of nuts was a way of using the equinox energy to awaken abundance, prosperity and wisdom over the next year. Carrying the nut was a way of awakening fertility.

The walnut has had many uses throughout its history. Its shell made excellent dyes. The nuts were turned into flour and added to cakes. Tea made from its leaves was good for stomach indigestion and other digestive imbalances. Native Americans used the oil in a variety of its ceremomies and celebrations. On the other hand, folklore teaches that eating the walnuts helped to cure and prevent madness.

Walnuts activate hidden wisdom within our own life circumstances. Its appearance alets us to pay attention. We will begin to hear and see things that have been going on around us but had not noticed before.

Walnut helps us make transitions of all kinds. This is reflected in its protective shell. We are less sensitive to the changes occurring. Its energies are often catalytic in the manner in which changes will manifest. The walnut reminds us that - if allowed to play out - all changes will be of benefit. The walnut cleans and strengthens auric field so we can see clearly what needs to be changed and how to accomplish it from the clearest perspective possible. Walnut holds the power of rebirth and when it becomes a totem or messenger, the esoteric aspects of death and rebirth become predominant for at least a year in our life. A staff or wand of walnut in meditation and magical practices reveals apply these mysteries constructively within our life.

The walnut spirit awakens freedom of spirit, telling us it is time to break free of the cocoon. It will even herald the coming of opportunities to follow our own unique path in life. Whether we follow through on such opportunities is a free will decision, but walnut's appearance in our life is often strong encouragement to do so. Walnut is a tree of initiating and initiation. The key is to be true to one's self when aligning with these energies. Self-deception and delusion result in chaotic disruption instead of creative transition.

*Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens, and Superstitions/Zolar
Tradition holds that a walnut tree will serve as a refuge for witches during their sabbath.

Sleeping under a walnut tree will cause you to see in your dreams events of the coming year. You should take care, however, for according to some traditions, you may not wake up!

A curious tradition says that whipping a walnut tee will improve the quality of the fruit it bears.

The ancient Greeks and Romans said that eating stewed walnuts would increase one's fertility. In Romania, however, brides who did not wish to conceive were advised to place a roasted walnut into their bodice -- one for each year they did not wish to have children. After the wedding ceremony, they should bury the walnuts.

One legend maintains that, if a walnut is placed under a witch's chair, she will become rooted to the spot.

Walnut branches are also believed to protect against lightning.

In American folklore, walnuts are held to cure sore throats and to thicken one's hair. some American Indian tribes use the bark of walnuts, especially the black walnut, as strong laxatives.

*On Dreams/Mary Summer Rain
Walnut refers to a utilitarian life element.

*Magical Herbalism/Scott Cunningham
Folk names: Tree of Evil, English Walnut, Persian Walnut, Caucasian Walnut
Basic Powers: Fertility, Healing
Specific Uses: Carry the nut in its shell to promote fertility, to strengthen the heart, or to ward off rheumatism. Witches used to dance beneath walnut trees in their rites, although this has fallen into disuse. Because of the Witches' activities under the walnut trees, folk people began viewing them with suspicion, hence its old folk name, "Tree of Evil." To find out if a person is a Witch drop a walnut on the lap of the suspected party. If he or she is a Witch they will be unable to rise from the chair. This was one of the methods of testing Witches during the Persecution. Eat walnuts to cure madness.

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