Pine Tree

*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews
Keynote: Balance strength and softness; emotional protection and healing.

Pines have a resionous wood and needles for leafs, usually bundled in groups of 2, 3, or 5. When doing nature hikes with students, I would teach them to count the number of needles in a bundle to determine if the pine was red or white. If there are 5 needles per bundle, it is a white pine. There are five letters in the word "white" and five needles are in a white pine tree bundle. It is a simple way of identifying the pine.

No other tree has a greater role in American history than the white pine. It was the most abundant tree in the northern range Pioneers used to say that a squirrel could live its lifetime moving through the pines without ever coming down. Trees that stood 150 feet tall greeted early settlers. On the present site of Dartmouth College, a pine tree was measured at 240 feet.

The pine trees were gold to the early settlers. It was the only great export of early New England. The white pine because of its size, softness, strength and light weight was ideal for ship masts, and since England was the king of the seas, it was a valuable commodity. it would eventually become one of the major economic factors leading to the American Revolution. Laws were passed in England to restrict and stop American settlers from cutting and selling what Englad claimed as its own. In fact, on eo fthe first flags of the revolution had the emblem of the white pine. From ships, to covered bridges, to homes to railway ties, the white pine was an important player in the development of America.

There is a variety of pines. These include the red pine, jack pine, scrub pine and more. Of all of these, the red pine has always been a companion to the white. It has a more colorful bark of armor-like plates, adding to the idea of it being a tree whose energy helps protect emotions. But no matter what type of pine it is, they all have energy of protection and their fragrance is always soothing to emotional states.

The pine tree has great mysticism as well. The pine tree was the Sacred Tree of Mithra. It also has ties to the Dionysian energies and mysteries. It is balancing to the emotions, and it awakens the divine spark, which resides within the heart chakra for true salvation as devined through occult and Gnostic Christianity. Pine comes from a word that translates as "pain," and its essence helps alleviate pain within on many levels. It was also a tree sacred to Poseidon, who helped make its essence cleansing and protective against all forms of negative magic. The pine helps to repel evil.

Pine trees are very personable and very communicative. You must be careful what you asy around a pine tree or you will hear it softly whisper it to other trees. I used to demonstrate this woth groups when I served as a trail guide at Brukner Nature Center. I would take the goup to the poine woods and hve them sit. I would then tell them that you had to becareful about whispering secrets around pines because the pines would hear and they would pass the secret on. If you hear pines whispering (the sound of the breeze rustling through them), others would soon know your secret. I would then have them all make whispering sounds to each other. Within a minute or two, a breeze would always come through and the pines would rustle and whisper in response. And because they are a taller tree, they easily pass those whispered secrets on.

Pine has an archetypal energy and message about eliminating our feelings of guilt and balancing over-emotionalism. The pine spirit is kind and sensitive and loves contact with humans. It soothes emotions and always reminds us that we should make decisions best from as clear a perspective as possible. The pine heightens our psychic sensitivity, while balancing the emotions as well. It reminds us to experess our creative energies without feelings of guilt and without allowing others to overly influence or manipulate.

*The Master Book of Herbalism/Paul Beyerl
The resin of Pine may be gathered, dried, and used as an incense. It has the quality of cleansing a space of negative energy. Pine is also very effective as a Countermagicke Herbe, repelling evil energy and returning it to its source. Pine is held sacred to Poseidon, and using the pitch of the tree to caulk a boat gives it magickal protection upon the waters.

*The Language of Dreams/Patricia Telesco
The scent of pine in a dream reflects either a need for cleansing and purification of some type, or refreshment for one's energy. The scent of pine was regularly used in sick rooms for both purposes. Long lasting results from your labors. Pine trees stay green through the winter, implying immortality. Sticky situations, clingy emotions, or barbed conversations: Pine needles are quite sharp and often bear tacky sap that seems to get on everything with which they come in contact. Are you being likewise prickly or sticky in the way you deal with people or a personal circumstance?

*Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens, and Superstitions/Zolar
Pine cones are said to be excellent weather prophets. They will remain open when the weather is fine, but close when rain is on the way.

*On Dreams/Mary Summer Rain
Pine scent denotes a "refreshing" of one's interconnectedness with nature. The Pine tree pertains to "natural" abilities' one's bonded relationship to nature.

*The Secret Language of Signs/Denise Linn
Pine is an excellent cleanser and purifier. Pine emits negative ions, which create a healing electrical charge in the air. This sign may mean that it is time to purge your body and purify your life. Are you always pining away or longing for someone or something?

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