Peach Tree

*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews
Keynote: Longevity; blessings through artistic endeavors.

Peaches are one of the most popular home-grown fruits. Their flowers in the spring though are very susceptible to late frosts. Peaches and nectarines are essentially the same fruit. The only difference is that the peach has a fuzzy skin. The peach tree is tied to awakening hidden wisdom, as with all fruit-bearing trees.

In this case, though, the archetypal energies behind it can help the individual to develop a new realization about immortality an dhow it can be attained. The peach tree staff alerts us to beneficial activities associated with youth and the prevention of the aging process.

Contact with peach trees renew and re-activate our life force, the kundalini. It stimulates artistic energies, along with innovative applications of them within our present life endeavors. It activates energy within the aura that is calming to our emotions and those we meet.

*The Secret Language of Signs/Denise Linn
This is an uplifting sign. Life is peachy. Life is good. Enjoy life and live it fully.

*On Dreams/Mary Summer Rain
Peach constitutes satisfaction; a desired element.

*Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens, and Superstitions/Zolar
For the Chinese, peaches are considered symbolic of longevity and immortality. Peaches in the celestial orchard were believed to ripen only once every three thousand years. Placing sprigs of peach blossoms over one's front door will keep evil spirits away, say the Chinese.

In the north country of the United Kingdom tradition holds that when leaves of a peach tree fall before autumn, a murrain or calltel disease is expected.

*The Language of Dreams/Patricia Telesco
Generally an emblem of wisdom, except in the East where peaches are given the additional attributes of a happy marriage and long life. In China, the flowers that bear peaches are used within the home to avert negativity. If tensions have been high with your family lately, now's the time to begin the healing process. Among Taoists, a source that offers productive energy, especially in a sexual sense. This idea seemed to hold true in other cultures too, as the Greeks attributeed the fruit to the rule of Venus, and Albertus Magnus recommended eating peaches as an aphrodesiac. A sarcastic visual pun that indicates a situation or person you find less than "peachy."

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