Elm Tree

*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews
Elms have a scaly bark and can stand extrene soil conditions. It is a strong and supple wood. Long before the Europeans made their way to America, the Native Americans held council beneath the elm. Elms were council trees that would become treating-making trees between whites and reds. It has a fountain apppearance. The trunk rises up and the branches spread out, dropping just a bit. It is said that Dutch elm disease devastated the beautiful and stately American elms that once graced the land.

Elm has always been a favorite tree of wood elves. Sitting at night beneath an elm, while singing and storytelling, will invite them close. They are more likely to appear in dreams when you sleep beneath the elm. They have a great feeling nature--sensitivity to the connectedness of life--especially other elms. In fact, elms will mourn cut members of their family.

A staff or wand from the elm assists the individual in "hearing the inner call" in meditation and magical work. It is a tree strongly associated with the elfin kingdom, and alignment with this tree through a staff will assist you in attuning to those more etheral beings of the Nature REalm. It is important though not to become lost within it or to become "fairy charmed."

Elm is a tree whose spirit is one of the kindest I have ever met. Its essence gently lends strength to the individual. It assists the individual in overcoming exhaustion--especially that which has accumulated over great lengths of time. It helps the individual to access more universal sources of strength so that your own individual strength will not be tapped and expended.

This is the Tree of Intuition and its appearance is always a reminder to trust your intuition. Find strength in listening to your own inner voice. The elm serves as a catalyst to sensing, feeling and even seeing that which is not always visible.

*Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens, and Superstitions/Zolar
Leaves falling from an elm tree are said to predict disease among one's cattle. Elms are said to be the "tree of justice," since, next to the oak, they are known for their longevity.

In Teutonic mythology, Embla was the first woman. She was believed to have been created from an elm by the three gods--Odin, Hoenir, and Loki--who gave the tree breath, soul, and warmth.

American folk remedies call for infusions of elm bark for prevention of bed sores and for treatment of burns. In Devonshire, it was said that the right time to plant barley was when the leaves of the elm were as big as a mouse's ear.

*The Master Book of Herbalism/Paul Beyerl
The stately Elm which one might think a common tree has some interesting lore of its own. Meditation with this tree will aid one in developing communication with the spirits of herbes and with the little people. One is said to be able to develop a rapport when chosing one particular Elm, concentrating on it in ritual, and then spending frequent times beneath its protection, meditation upon the plant kingdom, and doing rituals to open communication with the Devas.

The leaf of the Elm has been used in several forms of folk divination, such as pricking it with a pin and dreaming upon it.

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