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*Scott Cunningham:

Projective, Jupiter, Air, divination, luck, money

Ritual Lore: An old Cornish spell states that to turn tin into silver, all the magician need do is place it in a tank of ants on a certain night of the
Moon's cycle. Typicaly, the spell neglects to tell us which night--the first? The seventeenth? The twentieth?

Magical Uses: Tin, metal of Jupiter, is used in a divination similar to that of lead. On New Year's Eve, a prime night for foretelling future trends, melt
a small quantity of tin in an iron cup over a flame (a gas jet will do). Once the metal is melted, throw it into a bucket of icy water. Mop the floor, if
necessary, then look at the metal's shape and at the folds or patterns that may be present on it. Divine the future from the nodule. Tin is also carried as
a good-luck piece, and the metal may be shaped into money-attracting talismans such as minutely carved, tiny images of dollar bills.
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