The Solar Crone (Article and Discussion)

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The Solar Crone took me for a stroll, she grabbed my arm and said, "Come, walk with me, talk with me, I'll show you the way."…and then she smiled
a knowing smile and I know I saw a twinkle in her eye.

Part of my lessons with solar feminine energy this year have had me struggling for the past three months over an issue with ethics. I did well at first but
then hit some snags along the way and the flow of the energy began to churn a bit. So I've been doing a lot of thinking about the injection of the solar
feminine influences and how I'm relating to them…and reflecting them to the world.

I needed to know how this energy was affecting the way I walk my path and its impact on others. I wanted to know what it felt like to receive this energy from
me in whatever form it was presented…what did my touch feel like? So I went looking for the Feather's Touch, the gentleness, unobtrusiveness, soft
invitation…I wanted the warm caressing sense of light to project on people…and I was so worried it might be harsh, a blast of the solar masculine side in my
nature that might be taking over instead.

To avoid that meant a tempering it with more understanding was called for. The solar feminine was 'different' and I knew that, understood it was the
feminine active principle but it was different and I needed to define that more so I could balance the two, know the essences of which was which, the
definition would help hone my touch.

I began noticing that my personal growth was starting to spill out of me, it was taking form, the time had come to bring it into the physical work I do and I
had to make sure it was done right. One aspect I can use as an example is the reception and expansion of messages I receive for others through guidance.
That's shifted a great deal over the past 7 years as I've grown in new directions and I knew that wouldn't happen without a need.

Our abilities expand with us when they are the tools we're going to be needing in the future, they need to grow to meet that need too, this is basic cosmic
law. It wasn't hard to see 'what' was happening here, but understanding why and how became my experience, my lesson, my on the job training. Well
this spillage was telling me the need is here now, my pathwork itself (in the physical sense of daily life) is shifting in new directions.

I'm now receiving messages that I'm instructed to 'deliver' when they have not been asked for by the recipient. While I've always channeled
insights and done readings for clients I was stubbing my toe badly on this one, clients asked for this, and the new path wasn't one of 'clients' it
was one of people who didn't know what they were looking for. This new level of insight is 'on' all the time, I can't stop and start it and
I'm not supposed to. I know I need to let it flow but the flow is what had me concerned. Would it be too much, too little, or just right? I knew on
Spirit's end it was right, it was my end that concerned me.

This expansion of my pathwork has taken me from the individual seeking my help to offering that help when it isn't necessarily being asked for in all
cases. (I'm going to do counseling work with terminally ill children and their parents). I began asking myself how could I achieve their attention and
willing acceptance of what I needed to say to them? Clearly these were messages to be delivered for new purposes, and suddenly all the old ethical rules I had
guided myself by didn't quite apply. The acceptance of that must come from their parents…parents that may know nothing of alternative counseling or
shamanic methods or spiritworld existence…it's not quite mainstream there yet and here I find myself spilling the stuff suddenly and in areas that
didn't apply directly to my pathwork. It was just happening in what seemed a random manner. Whoa, Cinnamon, stop that! It needed the solar feminine touch
balanced with the solar masculine touch, it was calling for the combination, the axis of the two. For analogy I saw this in the feminine spiritual essence and
the masculine ministerial essence…the Solar Crone squeezed my arm and smiled.

The solar feminine is different energy than most people are used to working with spiritually. Most of us turn to the feminine and the reflective side of that
nature in our pathwork, but this is the active principle and the way to it, for me, was through the logic of the solar masculine approach and the solar
feminine combined….the unified Medicine has been present throughout all my lessons over the past several years and this one is no different. The feminine role
no longer strictly passive/receptive, becomes balanced with assertive actions…it takes action to manifest form and balance was key to the action so I had to
combine the feminine and masculine teachings to get my head wrapped around this one.

My first click came when guidance showed me that I'd walked my earlier path of learning through both Men's and Women's Medicine Teachings. Okay,
and then the unification process of my own Medicine that's been undertaken for the better part of a decade now. This came into play and I started to see
the pattern of emerging I was passing through laying itself out.

I'm finding the essence of Grandmother Crone's energy signature is all around that 'ethical search'…that matronly permission that comes when
one is old enough and experienced enough to share thoughts or opinions with others because you're an Elder…you've earned your permission walking
through life and experience. You're all familiar with the old woman that speaks her mind regardless of what you may think as she walks past you in the
store aisle…"You should really lengthen that hem on your skirt, dear child" as she continues on her way. She drops her feather and lets you decide if
you want to pick it up or not, but she drops it none-the-less…supportive or critical, she's going to have her say. This is seen as eccentric by some,
charmingly amusing by others, an eye-opener for some, or useless by those who don't have their ears open to the passage of the wisdom or message…an old
woman's opinion that 'doesn't matter' in the first place…she's going to have her say and she's probably dressed in purple or has a blue
tint to her white hair. She does as she pleases knowing what pleases her, going with her nature and melding into life in her own way with a touch to share
helpful insights with whomever she sees to need them.

I knew I needed to reflect on the Crone but where? I knew something was being mirrored to me in that reflection but couldn't see just what it was. I saw my
own reflection in the mirror and I was trying to look into that seeing how I'd changed. Then I clicked…flip it…solar is opposite of lunar…flip the
mirror…look out from it, not into it. See the reflection of the environment from the other side of that mirror…see where that reflection was shining light or
shadow or darkness into the landscape…see what I was touching and how and where that path was taking me.

To understand the solar feminine I had to reflect on the different aspects of the lunar feminine and the stages…the trinity of Maiden, Mother and Crone…then
step to into the reflection and project them outwardly. I wasn't looking at a spiritual landscape here though, I was looking at my own environment and what
was currently happening in it.

Well I wasn't sure where that reflection was shining so I waited and then suddenly realized that I was starting to spill this energy around those who were
close enough to be exposed to that spillage…in my personal relationships with four friends, all Sisters who walk honorably along their spiritual paths.

That spillage stood out to me as I reminded them of some basic concepts of spirituality, things I knew they knew already but were forgetting or overlooking as
they assimilated the changes in their lives. I wasn't aware I was doing it until it happened to stop me in my tracks that I might be coming off as haughty,
diminishing the honor and respect I truly felt for them, and likely being quite insulting. Whoa! Put on the breaks, Cinn! You can't spill like that,
it's not right, you need balance here. I chastised myself big time and on the spot.

I know there's balance in the Crone, she's been through the different phases of life, she knows what they're about and she's learned her
lessons. I've walked with Crone energy for a good while now, I'm used to that and began to analyze it. Using the Crone's energy to deliver wisdom
is done with grandmotherly love. She certainly carries a strong aspect of the solar feminine energy doesn't she? Strong from the years of reaching for that
strength, the gentle touch it brought as those strong loving hands did their work. Strong, active when she sees something that needs doing…I feel attitudes
here…strict virtues, proper behavior and ethics, she's certainly not afraid to address it when it's lacking…always there to ask 'where are your
manners?' when someone's misbehaving, or compliment you if she sees you being respectful.

She knows to ask if you looked here or there where you're trying to find something…she knows if it's in its proper place you should be able to find
it--and if it's not, then where you last used it is where you're most apt to locate the missing item…she'll direct your search but not search for
you…and she'll insist that you do search knowing that the experience itself is the lesson learned. It's the same way she learned her patterns of
looking and finding answers, of growing and coming to see things. She knows that next time you'll put the item back in its place when you've finished
with it, or you'll know how to find it.

To find what I was looking for I needed the Crone…I needed to step out of the lunar and into the solar through her wisdom.

So in this Crone aspect I began to reflect on how the solar feminine influences each stage of the feminine trinity. The Crone knows that the child explores the
conceptualizing of the small world around them, learning and discovering as much through osmosis as possible, watching, observing, taking it in. The infant
can't speak, they're learning communication skills and forming concepts around that.

The active solar principle comes into play with speech that sets things in motion by creating sound… formed utterances develop into words that bring about
reactions from wherever or to whomever they are directed. The child then moves into the world communicating needs from the cry that begins that communication
to the speech that conveys…adolescence is the transition point of growth to a young adult but the child often plays in an illusionary world that dances between
creation and reality in a limited environment where it's safe to do so. They learn to speak, what is accepted and what isn't through communication and
observation. I was needing to see I was learning to speak these new messages.

During the adolescent phase the active solar feminine explores wider stepping out of the care of a parent and into the world to again find one's way in the
expanding environment around them…a rite of passage takes place as we find our place in the world. It's here the illusions are shattered, faith in self is
established, trust in life is learned through trial and error and through those who love us and whom we love in return and those we meet as strangers as we
learn our discernments. We come to know the realities and where dangers reside or trust is broken. In this way we learn to balance and find our place in the
world and those we surround ourselves with. It's the same activity for male or female and here I saw the balance in that growth…in going with the flow. It
shifts at this point though and I noted that too. I was in one of those shifts.

Along the way this young adult woman becomes the mother and explores the nature of family learning the skills of nurturing, healing, relationship, guidance,
protection…the work that's involved in raising that family and the sacrifices that go with it so one may attain the fruits of their efforts. Willing
sacrifice, not forced…the willingness stood out to me. The masculine solar energy takes us to the hunting, gathering, and protection of the family while the
feminine solar energy enters into the nurturing guidance…it's protective too, but in a different way…gentler and here's where I saw the wisdom of the
Crone coming into play.

With the family grown and on their own the woman comes to the Grandmother's role…she slips into the early stages of the Crone and she comes to embrace
them…her wisdom of years well-earned, she speaks her mind. And I'm right back, full circle, to the Crone who is holding the Infant, one phase being passed
to another, comforted and safe, understood and trying to understand…balance of what is unknown with what is known…the teachings of a lifetime begin to be
shared as a way of passing them on. She's found her permission to speak, she's earned it, and she speaks with that authority…what authority is in her
voice though? It's love, genuine caring, heartfelt, for the higher good of those she shares for…the love of that grandchild. I had another clue…temper it
with that and I was on track. Well I knew that role well, I've been a grandmother for almost 2 decades now, yep, I could handle that part just fine.

I was discussing some of this with my four friends and one of them mentioned that the 'touch' of the solar feminine was a softer touch than the solar
masculine…tempered with gentleness, stern if it needed to be but not initiated that way. I snapped there…that was my issue, the feminine solar energy vs. the
masculine solar energy…I needed to jiggle and see the feminine initiates with the gentle flow of action…like a stream trickling down a hillside as spring
run-off begins with melting snow…a gentle flow not a surging torrent of charging in and taking control that we find in the masculine approach. The insights
were showing up over and over again creating little 'x marks the spots' everywhere.

We spoke of the balance that the solar action within this feminine flow requires as one shifts from receptive to projection energies. I was searching myself
for my point of balance…how could I, walking the Path of the Feather, find the Feather's touch in this? I wanted to know that my solar touch was a gentle
one and that it didn't 'feel' harsh to others. I had to find that in myself. I went at it furiously, much like a grandmother rooting around in the
attic, I was looking for something to trigger that balance, I knew it was there somewhere.

The awareness of a need to balance with this solar feminine energy becomes the honing tool. I knew what I wanted to project and needed to know if that's
what was coming across. That's why I checked myself and it's why I asked for help in doing so with the insights that 4 women I trusted held. We were
all experiencing this in our own ways…going into a new level of service in our pathwork and dealing with changes that challenged us in our physical
environments too…and I was being given insights and messages that would need to be delivered. How?

I know that my pathwork requires I point a finger and say "Step this way…the path to Spirit is over there and if you keep going in that direction
you'll find what you're looking for. Just a touch here and there and sharing what's needed when I'm directed to help someone see their way out
of confusion. Not dictating but sharing and that's the gentle shift. Feeling what 'feels' right to us will give focus to what's presented…if
we're comfortable sharing it then others will be comfortable receiving it. The balance is established…we're all finding a new level of permission to
using our abilities in a more assertive manner. Medicines are emerging with us into the pathwork ahead and this is the way it's serving us all…to discuss
it and assimilate and jiggle things. What works for one may not work for another but it may be close to what we're reaching for here…close enough to say
'yeah, sort of like that, I just need to jiggle it this way while you need to jiggle that way…or our jiggles are the same in this or that.' I'm
hoping by sharing my jiggling process some of you will find it helpful in your own ways too.

Anyway, then I went from the stages of Woman to the stages of Mother Nature…seasons and how they related to the solar feminine…spring's activity means
sprouting new buds and vegetation taking on new form…summer brings the energy to stretch ourselves and grow, autumn harvests the rewards of our efforts, winter
brings endings and plans for new beginnings, sharing the experiences as we share our seclusions and restful phase of putting our experiences up into canned
jars of wisdom. In the spring…where we are now…it's about rooting and sprouting and planting seeds to come up later…some of us will pull up roots and sink
them elsewhere as we transplant ourselves, some of us are already seeded and sinking our roots deeper into Mother Earth. At the same time we're stretching
toward the sun…toward the solar…connecting Earth and Sky…balance between the two…union of the feminine and masculine…cooperation…conception leading us to the
active growth and fruit this year's lessons will produce.

I was weaving through all my teachings and understandings…in the attic of my mind to find that point of balance so I could move forward with this energy…stay
in the flow. From the attic I could see a long way, the big picture was firmly in place, it was the personal action that took me into that landscape and the
means by which I journeyed through it that mattered now and I needed something else before I stepped out more fully. Ahhhhhhh yes, Grandmother's needle and
thread! I had to connect the dots, these things clicking into place were helping me take those stitches…my tapestry was unfolding and there were new threads to
connect things, it was time to do some sewing.

I could see I needed to wrap my mind around this now in a way that went from concept and insight to experiencing it and weaving this energy myself…so that when
the next season turns…where we grow over the summer and come to our fullness to produce our fruits…I would know the way to jiggle things into place, discard
illusions and find my balancing point of truth. I need to gain from this journey but I need to share that understanding to help others grow fruit from their
efforts too. We'll come to the assimilation of those experiences as our fruits ripen, all this is the feminine giving birth or bringing form into the
world…from the internal to the external…it is the active solar feminine principle that is bringing the spiritual aspect into the physical form … into
reality…through us.

I was spilling over with this…it was spilling into the relationships I valued and it caught my attention…attention that called for me to take action because I
can't contain it within myself any longer…I'm giving birth to the outward form of those enhanced abilities in the sense that they need to be brought
out into the world and it seems this spring is the time for that taking place. My pathwork is shifting and manifesting new directions along the way, the road
is turning for me and these abilities are needed. I was out of balance because I was uncomfortable presenting the messages without permission, it was a matter
of ethics and I was really struggling with that…in a masculine sort of way I felt I had to attack the issue but the approach I tempered that with was the lunar
feminine…I asked quiet questions and opened to quiet answers…asking Spirit, guidance, and my friends to help me.

The clues began to plop themselves around the table top making these little clicking noises as they fell into place…I kept wanting to connect the dots so
started threading the needle. I needed to see the threads, and in that I knew I'd see my connection to this new way of presenting, but I knew too it had to
be gentle…Grandmother's energy signature was all over that. Like the gentle light of Grandmother Moon, the receiving washed through me…it had to be
presented with the solar feminine though…I had to find my balance point with that…gentle action…the feather's bathing a newborn.

Retrograde Mercury was one of those dots…what was I holding onto that I needed to release? I found it…the old ethics of permission gave way to the ethics of
the Crone…the woman who walked with Spirit's permission and decades of life experience to draw upon. Spirit was sending a message to be delivered and there
was instruction to deliver it…not randomly but to specific individuals who had not 'asked' for it. Okay, delicate balancing act there to be sure, but I
found the permission through Spirit and guidance then…I clicked on my Guides and heard them laughing.

I don't know about your Guides and Spirit Helpers but I do know about mine. They don't ask my permission to tell me things anymore than my Grandmother
asked my permission to tell me something. They spoke or addressed me when they needed to. The role they play in my life was their permission. The ethics of
that came with the role and their love for it and for me…click…if the message helped it was to be presented and the recipient would then take that advice or
wisdom and choose for themselves if they needed it to nourish them or not…it would be up to them if it had value…I simply needed to deliver it for Spirit, and
in that I had my answer…all I had to do was say: "Excuse me, I have a message for you; or have you considered __________?" All I had to do was get
their attention, deliver, and leave the rest up to them. All I had to do was what I'd always been doing…dropping feathers.

Had those ethics really changed then? No, not really, they were there all the time, just on a different level. The Crone's ethics are well seeded, basic
foundations that many years of experience have honed. She knows instinctively, intuitively, seeing through eyes the years of experience have taught fine
details to, she knows, she knows…click….stitch to Mercury retrograde…that thread shows I've been on hold and struggling to figure out what I needed to
release to allow this shift in energy to flow from me with grace, with gentleness, and with accuracy as I brought it out into the light of day. I needed the
ethical approach that was right for me and I was really rooting around in my attic to find it, calling for help where I could, and I got my 'duh'

What I needed to release this retrograde along spiritual lines are the old misconceptions that we can't address things…we can, we just have to find a
comfortable way to inject them...a gentle opening that can be quickly inserted to set the intent of the message…connecting the dots, taking the
stitches…weaving the Medicine…weaving the message…stictches…Grandmother's darning needle was getting busy here. It's actually an attention getter…the
message will stay with the recipient then and they can discern for themselves if it's useful or not.

I kept being reminded of my Guides who don't need permission to address me. They tap on the shoulder, rub up against my side, whisper in the ear, throw a
vision at me taking over my monitor screen, pop into dreams and make their presence known doing what they need to do to relay their messages-whatever it takes
to get through even if it means that unseen 2 X 4. They see where I'm focused and step into view when they need to. They see where heading in a wrong
direction or straying and draw my attention in different directions so I can figure out what's wrong. They take me to the different elements or bring them
into play…the basics…so that I can see what perspectives to apply to whatever I'm working through or being asked to do. It's really no different than
that. And based on that…we have the choice to accept or reject their help.

I know I can refuse to listen, but I know their messages haunt me then too. I have closed that door and when I do I'm left to my own mechanisms and my own
consequences. I know they are there to help me and sometimes I don't want that help but that's free will isn't it? And if that choice is made and
the door gets slammed shut I evidently need to be alone at that point in time….I'm not clicking. I need an experience to show me something. They come back
the next time though and again and again they have proven to be so patient with me when I get stubborn. I didn't want to be stubborn here, I wanted to use
that need I felt and let it teach me so I opened more to what was happening and how it would fill the need of those along the way. It's the same
principle…my Guides let it flow, what I do with the nourishment is up to me. I wanted to work with this.

What I need to release is my old precept of needing that permission because Spirit is the one giving that directive and guidance is helping me hone the way it
works and therefore the permission to let it pass into the world is there. Where it goes from there is not up to me to attach to. Oh Cat Whiskers! I managed to
connect a few of the dots! Duh! I just need to let it flow, not spill. The light touch of the feminine is the touch of graceful love, the caress…sharing with a
caress is all that is needed to present any insight. Whisper-soft, non-intrusive, disarmingly offered, that's all it takes. Force isn't a factor then.
I really liked the way this was coming together. It was the touch of the Feather…it was there all the time, same ethics as always, just shifting on a new
level…into the solar feminine, I'd found my center with it. I know I'm going to be working with this energy for a long time to come. The rhythm of the
energy itself was starting to flow now, not spill, and the flow felt right.

One of my friends helped me see while what we are saying feels "right" it's the mode in which it has been delivered up until now that has been
loaded with the masculine energy so we're used to hearing this sort of thing delivered with a punch…and in that light it used to be needing permission as
it was a force coming at someone…that protective force of masculine used to come with that masculine intention of "fixing" things… the
'you do it this way'! The feminine solar is gentler…a suggestion…perhaps: "have you considered ________ as a direction to follow?" Message
delivered, light shed, option open to free will…temperance leading to the right ingredients and in that balance is restored. I 'got it'! In my
friend's words: "The feminine Feather/Hand touch is one of nurturing: this is the experience I've had...let me share it with you so we may
understand together."

In her words I could see that it's about sharing not insisting but offering and letting the other person decide what they want to do with it. Oh yes! The
old ethics had new placement now. Yay! I need to share this insight! So here I am sharing it now. The new ethics are all about delivering the messages as
loving guidance to just look in some direction or consider another perspective that I'd like to share with them if they didn't mind…it's very
disarming and unobtrusive, it asks permission in that way…the new ethics were no different than the old, they were simply presented differently. If you
don't have direct permission balance it with asking for that permission. Oh I had to laugh at myself there. Thanks Coyote!

I had my answer…and again her words echoed in my ears: "We're sharing this information...not preaching it. There's a BIG difference there. Sharing
does require some permission...there is a respect to sharing that isn't always present in preaching." I saw that no matter what the situation faced,
the message could open with that intention no matter what circumstances existed. I felt a surge of excitement flow through me…this is what I was looking for,
what I had to find in my attic…the words I needed to present the messages properly…ethically. All of a sudden I didn't feel like I was spilling, I was
refreshing the contents of the glass, not overflowing it…it was basic, something I'd been overlooking, the irony tickled me. Click.

I want to thank my friends for their help, my Guides for bonking me over the head time after time, and Spirit for blessing my path with the light to see where
I need to go. I'm really going to enjoy this solar feminine energy now that I found my point of balance with it and I really hope all of you are able to
find yours. Spring is going to be supercharged with a year of abundant growth this year…the solar feminine is giving birth big time…I hope you're getting
settled into it, it is an exciting time ahead.

Remember that the visions we hold are unfolding and manifesting the path ahead so work with your guidance and happy manifestations to you all! I know that the
other aspects of my abilities that have grown over these past several years are going to be coming forth to be used soon too and with this solar lesson I can
see the matrix, the pattern of unification to bring them into balance. I wanted to share that pattern in the hopes that it will be helpful to some of you as
explore and learn to grow with the solar feminine. I'm excited.

And one more thing…for those of you who want to find deeper understanding of the feminine lunar lessons to balance your solar feminine needs, there are Moon
articles in the libraries to help you. Thanks for walking through this with me.
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cedar rose
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24 Mar 2006, 07:00 #2

I'll speak to the Solar Mother...
I keep hearing from women who are suddenly fed
up to the limit with being taken for granted. With
spouses and children *assuming* that their wife or mother
will do the household, and then getting their undies in a
bunch when the woman implies that perhaps they're not
doing very much in the house pro-actively, and even
creating more work for her to clean up. The assumptions
are coming forward, and women are fed up with the
stereotypical gender assumptions and divisions.

I'm speaking to women in the
business work force, who are realizing that they've
pretended to be *men* in order to get where they are -
and now they want to integrate the feminine strengths in
their positions. Again, major undies twisted about that
one. I see women consciously using the skills they have
acquired as Mothers on their resumes (think things like
time-management), to profile their Role in a positive
way, something that can and will contribute to the health
and well-being of a company.
noticing more mothers who are becoming aware of the
childcare and childrearing assumptions laid onto them by
their families, their environment and their cultures.
They're fed up with having the world revolve around their
children, and are starting to reclaim time for
themselves. They're fed up with the family's schedule
being based on the father's schedule, the school schedule
(both masculine in nature) - therefore not only being
submissive to the partner, but also to the general
economy and patriarchal structures in our
All in all, I see Woman
standing up, and saying "Hey, I am here too, and
I am equally worthy. My time is equally valuable, and my
well-being is equally important. I do not have to
suppress myself, or oppress another in order to take a
stand and claim what is rightfully mine. I can give what
I give freely, without assumptions and hints and
stereotyped expectations." So I see women
finding out where that unconscious assumtion is, where
the stereotypification is hidden, and where she is being
undervalued by herself and her immediate environment.

I see articles in the news right
now that show how girls and women are given less
opportunity, consciously and unconsciously, in our
masculine/patriarchal systems - but I see mothers
standing up and saying "No More!".

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Drive-by Mouse

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24 Mar 2006, 18:36 #3

Thank you for sharing so much
and placing this energy into a context that can be
understood. Although at time changes are difficult
it’s an exciting wonderful time to be living and
seeing the new energy interweave in all aspects of life.
The changes seem to permeate and align every aspect of
the change through synchronicities.

Your articles about the Solar Crone and the Pattern of
Transition have helped me enormously. I love this energy.
It’s decisive and yet gentle as it interweaves
within our lives and realigns our focus. Have
Walk in Love and Peace,

Walk in Peace

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I think you not only
addressed the Solar Mother but the Solar Maiden too...the
femininst movement was the Solar Maiden's journey into
Motherhood and the two sort of merged and now the Crone
is saying "Here! Here!" and applauding
them. *S*
very pleased the artices have helped you and you're
right, it is a total permeation into all aspects of
society today, an exciting time indeed....and I'm having
a wonderful time in my own emerging process, I'm enjoying
it immensely! (Overall Image )
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Thank you so much for this article, Cinnamon. I
like this idea, and i like the gentle touch you have come
to find in offering experience and wisdom. Kind of nice,
like, "I've grown this jewel. Would you like to
see it? Would you like to hear its
Nice. Thank
Love, minna ImageImage
Sweet Spirit, 'Let the beauty we
love be what we do' ~ Rumi
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Thanks you old pixie duster you! ImageImage~To Be A Feather In Spirit's

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03 Apr 2006, 07:10 #7

I reread this
article a few times and each time I got more out of it.
I’m not at the Crone stage in my life. It’s
nice to be shown the stepping stones to that place.
Thanks, Cinnamon, for your encouraging words of

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03 Apr 2006, 09:42 #8

Ummmmm *Cinn looks over
each shoulder* Pssssst....You're coming into the early
stages of're becoming a grandmother. While
tradition may say that begins at 52 it starts before the
recognition by others. We have to ease into that. You're
starting on a really special path right now.
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*kick, scream, kick,kick* Okay I'll throw in a
reciving blanket and admit I will be a grandmother soon
I like the way you explained that it is time
for the intitutions we recive to be given. It is hard to
give out what used to be thought of as interferrence.
Then to let go of the out come. I've had one or two of
these messages slip out and be taken in a bad light. I
still have to accept that it is their choice in how it is
accepted. Part of their path. I have to let it go in Love
and Light, that's my pathImage
This has been one of my pet peeves.
How could I ask the right questions when I didn't know
what they were? How was I supose to respect a tradition
if I didn't know what it was? If I'm not given
information how can I make a knowledgable discision? It
is still very hard to walk this path as those I see are
watching me to see if I do something they are looking for
that I have no clue. I'm a blank slate and they want me
to write my own story, but don't give me a any clue as to
what they want to read.
Even as a
young child I would say things that adults would take
offence to because I was a child. That old saying
"A child is to be seen and not heard"
was very prevelent as I was growning up. Not that I got
the message. I have always "spoke my
mind" and it still gets me into alot of


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06 Apr 2006, 02:46 #10

Image You won't
be kicking and screaming for long, pretty soon you'll be
holding that baby in your arms humming a lullabye! *Grins
and giggles* Awwwwwww it will be such a joyful time for
you. (Pssssst receiving blankets --the spare ones-- make
good shawls too!)
It is hard to give
out information not requested, especially when there are
'rules' about it. But those rules are changing for some
of us now and we need to see that to accept the change
and jiggle things into place. As more minds open to the
spiritual perspectives I believe it's going to be more
acceptable. In the meantime the Solar Crone's authority
will guide us through that process. The old taboos were
in place keeping the ways for us until it's
time to bring things out from the shadows and into the
light. Feels good too! *S*
I like to
use the analogy of mail delivery. We're not responsible
for the content of the letter, we're responsible in
delivering the message. You don't shoot the messenger and
the person receiving the letter chooses what they will do
with it. Message And off we go.
could I ask the right questions when I didn't know what
they were?
The 'right' question is the one that is
presented with right intent. Nothing more. You know when
someone is being genuine with you...or when you're
genuinely needing to know something. The person being
addressed will recognize that and share freely.
was I supose to respect a tradition if I didn't know what
it was?
Sometimes we're not to follow an old tradition
directly, just use it for guidelines and getting our
bearings. Everyone has to jiggle things so they fit. We
all wear a different sized coat and we can fashion them
ourselves or get one of traditional design, but a coat is
a coat afterall. It's right intent that defines things,
the integrity and ethical approach we take to the path we
are walking. Spirituality is not between you and others,
though it spills into relationships, the primary focus is
between you, Spirit, and guidance and when you open to
that you are never led astray. Spirit will see your path
is guided and that you're taken to just where you need to
be each step of the way. So trusting in the process
itself shows you where to go. As you explore and find
different traditions you have the inner knowing of what's
right for you and that's what you need to go by. Isn't
that just what you've done? *Soft smile*
I'm not given information how can I make a knowledgable
discision? It is still very hard to walk this path as
those I see are watching me to see if I do something they
are looking for that I have no clue. I'm a blank slate
and they want me to write my own story, but don't give me
a any clue as to what they want to
Being yourself is enough. The expectations of
others are their issues. If you are looking for tribal
acceptance it will matter. If you are looking for a
physial teacher it will matter. Yes, they're going to
want to see if you are for real or not, if you walk with
right intent...but then you do that. You're showing them
what they need to see just being who you are. It's not
one right way of acting, it's acting with respect period.
It's not one right question, it's questioning with
sincerity. See?
as a young child I would say things that adults would
take offence to because I was a child. That old saying
"A child is to be seen and not heard"
was very prevelent as I was growning up. Not that I got
the message. I have always "spoke my
mind" and it still gets me into alot of
Oh I know that one! LOL But luckily you're at
the age now where you have the authority to speak your
mind. Solar Crone is there for you if you need her.
*Winks* You're finding your own authority, your own
permission, you're just speaking so gently
with love and you'll be fine. Tough love when it's needed
too. Grandma did have hands like a board when she needed
to use them that way. Image
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