Stone shapes

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I've seen a couple of places selling different shapes to stones, is there any significance to the different shapes?

I've seen hearts, pyraminds, obelisks (ones that look like the Washington Monument if you don't know what I mean), skulls, spheres, wands, tumbled,
polished, natural, yadda yadda.

I haven't seen anyone asking about it, so I figured I would.

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Oh goodness pathwalkah, the shapes and structures
of the mineralogical kingdom vary with natural occurrence
and with enhancement by humanity. Both
polished/natural/unpolished provide the same energies
even if their shape differs. So you can imagine how many
different types there are.
The "Asterated"
[star] is a crystalline structure exhibiting rays of a
star within it's structure
"Barnacle" Crystal: recognized as a
crystal covered or partially covered with smaller
"Bridge" Crystal: recognized by a small
Crystal partially in and partially out of a larger
"cartouch" is a symbol from ancient
Egypt and contains hierooglyphics which represent that
which "encircles" the earth.
Of course the more familiar:
Carved crystals occur both naturally and by
Crystal Balls - spheres

Crystal bowls

There are also curved crystals produced during their
development growth.
"Dendritic" Crystals: recognized by a
branching figure or marking resembling a tree, fern or
moss-like form.
"Double-Terminated" Crystals:
recognized by the double termination on each
Then we have
"egg-shape" crystals, usually
fabricated and extremely versatile.
"Elestiated" Crystals: recognized by
natural terminations and/or over-growth of crystals over
the body.
Crystals: recognized by the existence of abrasions
located on the outer areas of the stone.
"Gateway" Crystal:
recognized by the existence of a portal going from the
face or side of the crystal to the interior. It appears
similar to a gap.
There are crystal
headbands, the inner cross, the key crystal, the
manifestation crystal, the obelisk crystal, pyramid
crystals, phantom crystal, the rainbow crystal, the twin
crystal, the rutilated crystal, the scarab crystal, the
self-healed crystal, the sheet or lens crystal, the
tabular crystal, and goodness knows how many others I
have missed.
If there is a
particular one that calls for your attention, I would be
happy to share the properties with you.
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Thanks Lotus! Image I didn't
realize that there was so much info!

I was just asking because I was curious that's all.

But while I was away, I did pick up
a small wand made of quartz and there was a Silver-leaf
or Silver-laced Jasper Skull that was calling to me. But
I couldn't get it as it was $150. Image It was
about the size of my palm and heavy as all
So I'm interested in
hearing about those two particular shapes, if you don't
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Just below is a
discussion on crystal skulls. I have never worked with
one so I can't share any information about
Crystal Wands have been used
for centuries in rituals, energy massage and crystal
healing work and their properties differ depending on the
metals used in constructing the wand.
The wand itself provides for the directional
focus to penetrate the maximum energy. And it is
important to remember the energies associated with the
mineral comprising the wand brings it's own properties
... for example ... silver, gold, copper, brass iron or
platinum and some wands are silver plated are believed to
focus and magnify the energies of the crystals and metals
each wand contains.
The structure of
the wand provides the energy of the spiral, and the
energies of the attached minerals are then enhanced by
the design. [there are many kinds of designs
As you can see the
selection in wands is extensive so if you are
contemplating purchasing one, then I would suggest you
first decide on what the wand's purpose will serve, then
choose a crystal, the type of metal, a design if any and
so on. You may also want to ask for Spirit's guidance
before deciding. Image
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I have a rather silly question to ask, but I have
this celestine/celestite, its rough outer crust with
small blue crystals on the inside. I noticed the last
time I played with it while putting it next to my bed,
that the crystals seem bigger. Do they continue to
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Mizz, that's an interesting question and I don't
think so but I can't give you a definitive yes or no
All I can tell you is that
none of my crystals have grown or changed since I got
them including my blue toned Celestite.
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