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*Scott Cunningham:

Projective, Mars, Fire, protection, anti-nightmare, healing

Ritual Lore: At one time steel was thought to offer portection against fairies, who could apparently be mischievous.

Magical Uses: Steel is a relatively modern metal and has no great history in magic. However, some uses have been discovered and preserved. For example, small
pieces of steel are carried to guard against negativity. A steel ring is also worn as a protctive amulet. Hold any dull steel knife. Visualize it piercing and
driving away negativity. Block negative impulses from disturbing you. See yourself waking up in the morning refreshed and rejuvenated. Then place the knife
beneath your bed and sleep over it. You should have no nightmares. American folk magic: a steel ring worn faithfully on the hand prevents rheumatism. This,
like many of these minor rituals, is rather difficult to prove!
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