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Jamie Sams: Sacred Path Cards (I higly recommend this set of cards and the book as they are filled with insights into Native spiritual teachings. Thumbs up to

Standing People: Roots/Giving

The Teaching:

The Standing People, the trees, are our Sisters and Brothers. They are the Chiefs of the plant kingdom. The Standing People provide oxygen for the rest of the
Children of Earth. Through their trunks and branches, trees give shelter to the Winged-ones. In their roots, trees provide burrows for smaller Four-legged
creatures. Materials for building homes for their human relations are another gift of the Tree Nation.

The Cherokee teach that the Stone People hold energy for the Earth Mother and hold specific records of all that has happened in a place. They teach that the
Standing People and all others of the plant kingdom are the givers who constantly provide for the needs of others. The Stone People and the Standing People
balance each other as holders and givers.

The Standing People see the needs of all of Earth's Children and apply themselves to being providers. Each tree and plant has its own gifts, talents, and
abilities to share. For instance, some trees bear fruit and some provide healing on the emotional or physical level. The White Pine is the Tree of Peace and
can bring serenity into the life of a person sitting in its shade. The rain forests are full of trees that carry curative properties and substances such as
rubber that can be used to assist humankind in making useful items. The world is full of gifts that the Standing People have provided. Furniture, chewing gum,
rayon fabric, books, paper, pencils, kitchen matches, spices and seasonings, fruit, nuts, rope, tires, herbal remedies, and grass-roof homes are just a few of
the gifts from the Standing People.

Each Standing Person has a speical lesson to give humankind as well as physical gifts.

Birch gives the essence of truth and the lessons of being straight with ourselves or being deceived by forked-tongue lies.

Pines are peacemakers and peace bringers. Pine teaches the lesson of being in harmony with ourselves and others as well as the lessons of a quiet mind.

Rowen, or Mountain Ash, brings protection from harm and teaches the lessons of seeing through deception as well as the lessons of how to protect our Sacred

Sycamore teaches the lessons of how to reach our goals and make our dreams come true.

Walnut teaches us clarity or focus using our mental gifts and how to use our intelligence properly.

Oak teaches us strength of character and how to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

Willow is the wood of love and teaches us the give-and-take or bending that is necessary for love to be fruitful.

Cherry teaches us the lessons of clearing the pain of the heart or relating to others in a compassionate manner.

Mimosa is the tree that teaches us the lessons of our female side and the loving heart.

I learned many lessons from the Mimosa when I climbed her branches as a child. She taught me the beauty of feeling feminine and her sweet flowers made perfume
for my hair. She told me the secret of the Fireflies and how they had unborn stars in their tails. Mimosa told me these stars would grow inside each person
with an open heart. Then they would take their place among the Great Star Nation when they had loved and been loved on the Earth. Mimosa told me that the pain
and betrayals each heart would endure were like water tossed on the fire of these tiny stars to see if they could continue to grow in spite of the hurt. Those
that continued to love would one day become big stars and would send the love they had gathered to everyone in the universe as a reminder of the open heart of
Great Mystery. Mimosa reminded me to open my heart and to love, no matter how deep my pain, every time I saw my star light up in a "lightning bug"
that flew by to be my reminder.

Native people from all parts of the world have lived in harmony with the plant kingdom of their areas and have used the plant kingdom's gifts to assist
them in survival. The indigenous people of Mother Earth have only used what they needed and have not hoarded, out of fear of scarcity, the offerings the trees
have given. In our Native American Tradition, we gather all plants in a ceremonial and sacred manner. In my Tradition, we approach the largest plant of the
species we are going to gather from, then we offer Tobacco and ask permission. This is the Chief Plant or Tree of that species since it is the oldest and
largest. When we receive a feeling or message that is all right, we pass the first seven plants or trees we could gather from so that the next seven
generations of humans will be provided for. In honoring our children and our children's children we ensure a future for all creatures as well as the plant

If we receive a "no" when we ask permission from the Chief Plant, we move to another area to gather and ask permission once again. If we are
gathering pine nuts, for example, we only take a little from each tree so that our Brothers and Sisters of the creature kingdom will also be provided for. How
do we know when we have gathered enough from one plant? It is easily recognized by those in tune with our green Sisters and Brothers. The plant will not let go
of its fruit, herbs, or nuts when we have taken enough. The plant will strengthen its limbs and refuse to let go. This is the way in which the giving nature of
the plant says, "You have taken enough, move on."

The Senecas say that each tree has more roots than branches. This is a teaching on how each Standing Person is connected to the Earth Mother. As with the
Standing People, we Two-leggeds have a spine like a trunk, arms like branches, hair like leaves. We reach for the light as the tree's branches reach for
Grandfather Sun. We receive understanding through our antenna, which is our hair, just as the trees receive light through their leaves. Each human has a
different body as do the Standing People; no two are alike. We walk on two legs and see many things whereas our tree relations stand in one place and receive
nurturing from the Earth Mother constantly so that they may give to others all they have. As Two-leggeds, we also give and receive if we are Walking in
Balance. Walking in Balance can be achieved through remembering our roots, the only physical tree-part we are lacking as humans.

The Standing People teach us how to run our roots deep into the Earth to receive spiritual nurturing as well as the reconnective energy that keeps our bodies
healthy. Without these roots we loose Earth-Connection and can no longer Walk in Balance. In my Tradition, we are taught that humankind is the bridge between
Earth and the Sky Nation and like the Standing People, we are of both worlds. To accomplish this balance, we must live in harmony with All Our Relations, be
rooted in this world through our Mother Earth, and allow our spirits to fly through the other worlds and be at one with those realities as well. Without being
rooted in this world we cannot fully understand the purpose of our visions, dreams, potentials, or the Dreamtime reality.

As we return gratitude for the gifts we have received from others, we acknowledge the root of each blessing. The root of anything is its source. If we reuturn
our gratitude to the Source of our blessings, we will balance our world through acknowledging the gifts we receive. We are also reminded that the Ancestors who
rode the Wind before us are a part of our roots and that we are here to respect the value of their gifts and their lives by living in a balanced manner. The
taproot of all civilizations to come lives in each of us in the present. To nurture the future is to honor the seeds of the present by allowing them to grow.
The Standing People are asking us, as Guardians of our Earth Mother, to look for the root of every blessing, acknowledge the truth in it, and use that blessing
for the highest good so that the giving is not in vain.

The Application:

The Standing People card speaks to us of roots and giving. We must nurture ourselves through connection to the Earth in order to give freely without
exhaustion. The root of the Self is where strength is gathered. This root should be firmly earthed in the soil of our Mother Planet. Without this connection,
dreams cannot manifest and our giving cannot be compensated by the Earth Mother. If you are spaced out, stop and reconnect.

Be still and become the trees in order to observe what is growing in your forest. The root of every answer for physical life is found in the Earth. Look to
your family tree for the strength offered by your Ancestors. Lift your branches high, seeking the light of Grandfather Sun and you will see how your roots make
you of the Earth and yet a bridge to the Sky World.

The Standing People are asking you to give of yourself. Ask yourself if you are willing to give and receive. Count the root of very blessing with gratitude.
Find any blockage that limits your root system or ability to go deeper. Then remove that feeling and go deeper once again for the answers you seek. Remember
that we are also the root of the future and through our lives, future generations are nurtured. Weed out anything that will inhibit future growth and you can
stand proud among your Tree Relations.

~To Be A Feather In Spirit's Wing~

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i needed that. the property i have has been in the
family 60 yrs. its the only wooded area left around. my
wife and i first cleared it 30 yrs ago. were gone 25yrs
and now im back. i didnt know what i was doing then but
trees i didnt clear then were only big as my little
finger. now their a foot in dia. i know these trees. i
called myself caretaker back then. i still feel we work
togeather. they helped keep me alive during my bad time.
its a natrual energy spot and all who come leave
uplifted. first rule of the medicine wheel, what i call
it, is leave bad attitudes at the road. the trees will
make you fell uncomfortable if you dont. i can tell alot
about a person when they are there just by how it afects

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I posted this here since it
seemed to fit with the standing people; please move it if
it is more appropriate someplace else. I was wondering if
anyone had thoughts about the following.
I love the forest always have and have some
acres on a mountain in VT which adjoins a property my
daughter and I bought. MY daughter is attempting to
restore a cabin that was built in 1790 into a home. It is
off the grid and about 4 miles back in the woods. The
property is beautiful and their part of the land was once
a potato farm, so it has some clearings. The adjoining
land is deep forest and that which I love. I
haven’t had a lot of time this year and have only
walked the land twice. Here in is my question. When I
approached the land from the West walking up the
mountain, there was a very different feeling than when I
walked up the mountain on the South and then approached
the same space from the East walking down the mountain.
It is hard to even say what I felt. The energy felt dense
almost foreboding but didn’t instill fear, just
caution and respect. It’s possible that I sensed
Bear in this place but I had our dogs with me and they
didn’t seem aware of anything unusual. I was just
wondering if anyone else sensed anything like this on
their journeys? Why would the direction of approach make
a difference?
Walk in Peace,

Walk in Peace

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The first thing that crossed my mind is that you
were encountering the SOP or Spirit of the Mountain, one
or the other. They do have the ability to do those things
and are known for it. You might have sensed a testing of
your intent which is common enough. Being your dogs
didn't react I doubt it was Bear, they catch that scent
very quickly and tend to give chase. Each SOP is a little
different, just like people are, but if you go with good
intentions you're going to find acceptance as a rule.
Trees are sentinals too. Is it all Pine up there or is
there a mixture? Did you try opening yourself to the SOP
to see if that's what it was?
When I
was in Yellowstone I learned the trees in the park had
extensive root systems that merged with one and other.
Because of this they were considered to be unified and
connected throughout the entire spirit so to speak. That's always fascinated
me too.~To Be A Feather In Spirit's

~To Be A Feather In Spirit's Wing~


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Thanks Cinnamon,
You are
probably right and given the mess left on the other
parcel of land if I was the Spirit of Place I’d be
concerned as well. I do understand the financial limits
of poverty but I don’t think I’ll even
understand why debris is spread all over the place.
We’ve removed 10 tons of junk, burnt again that
much in wood debris and had a commercial tractor, camper
and wagon which were slowly becoming part of the land,
removed. It is so nice to see the land comeback to life
after it is cleaned up.
The forest
up there is mixed. Where I felt the caution is primarily
hardwood (Maple, Beech, Oak probably others as well).
Where there were fields, small spruce and hemlock are
re-growing and larger spruce and fir are plentiful on the
parcel with the house; they edge and separate the fields.
Its fall and the trees are turning; the maples contrasted
with the green spruce are beautiful. The stones covered
in moss and lichen yield almost a rain forest feel. But
the skies are blue. I wish all of you could experience
New England in the woods.
Whenever I
feel or experience the beauty of the land it takes me to
the larger global environment and I stand in awe of
beauty of its diverse environments. What is troublesome
for me though is that the Spirit of the Places which I am
drawn to usually seem to exclude places where man exists.
That always leaves me wondering why? Man is part of the
land as well. So the wild lands always pull me back full
circle to the social problems of population control,
global warming etc. and to ask the question why. Why
doesn’t man care. How do we help change the world
from a focus on growth to one of sustainability? I
realize Mother Earth will be alright but with a change in
focus? I wonder what could be?
hope you all enjoy the standing people. I love living
amongst them; they are a requirement of choices in my
life. I was wondering if SL members might share what is
special about the environment in the places that you each
choose to live?
Walk in Peace,

Walk in Peace

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You know if that one
part of the woodland was pushing you away it may have
wanted to encourage you to do the work you were doing
too. One doesn't know for sure until they do establish a
relationship and communication with the SOP. Once that
happens things pop though and understanding grows
tremendously. I'd encourage you to go back there and sit,
share the essence of your thoughts, let the trees get to
know you. I know you love them, I'm sure they feel it,
but it could have been a variety of things. Not all
negative energies are 'bad' ones either, just warnings or
nudges to stay away, and that can be repetitive or on
occasion. So whatever it ultimately was, reading of all
the work you've done around there I'd say you've
certainly been noticed in the best of ways. Whew! That's
a lot of cleaning up to do!
I love
the mixed wood forests, they're so...'textured'.
Image I love the
variety they bring and they always remind me of the story
about how the Standing People don't judge one another,
the different species grow and work
prejudice. I like that too. Here our woods vary, we have
stands of Pine, mixed wood forests, mostly Pine up North
though. You name it we've got it I think. Minnesota is a
beautiful state, the topography of the land is amazing,
all four seasons are so clearly defined, you know when
they turn. Each season has it's own nature and in that
Mother Earth shows her face so beautifully. It's just
starting to turn color where I'm at, leaves just
beginning to yellow, but it's peaking up North now, I'd
have to drive a few hours to see it and with my schedule
I'll wait for it to arrive. Image
Auntum is my favorite time of year, we get
blazing colors here, much like the pictures I've seen of
New England. Dense areas of foliage and woodland populate
the state as do lakes and rivers, it's just beautiful
country. I'm excited, it's so nice to smell the change of
seasons; this one is particularly a heady autumn scent.
We had a very dry summer and it's been cool and raining
so we should get some great color change as soon as the
Sun gets it's turn. Image
I live at the northern edge of Minneapolis,
when we bought here 6 years ago it was property butting
up to fields of corn and other produce, farms around us.
They've sold now and developments are taking over. The
good part is that the developers are leaving areas of
Standing People and wildlife habitats including ponds. We
have all sorts of critters running around here, migrating
birds, Goose, Hawk, Eagle, Egrets, Mallards, Cranes,
Storks, Heron, oh I could go on with a long list. Deer,
Opossom, Raccoons, every now and then you hear of a
Cougar within 50 miles of here but I've never seen one in
the wild myself. I'd like to from a safe distance though.
Ha! But to find that much wildlife at the edge of the
city, it's a treat to say the least. I love Minnesota so
much, and the only part of the country that comes close
to what we have here would have to be New England. We
really want to come out that way someday and watch the
colors changing there. Someday.
is troublesome for me though is that the Spirit of the
Places which I am drawn to usually seem to exclude places
where man exists. That always leaves me wondering why?
Man is part of the land as well.
Image I know. I
think it's because humanity has the propensity to disrupt
the flow of Nature and there's so much disrespect for the
Land. SOP's keep to the quiet places and guard over them.
We have to seek them out to connect but when we do it's
beautiful. I can't say humanity doesn't care though, I
think many do and that it's become a higher awareness
these days. Way different from what it was when I was
growing up. It's not all bad, and change takes time, I
think we're growing to be more environmentally conscious
all the time. It's just a process, but a good one with
many who do try to undo the damage and preserve the
I know we have a other
members who live in Minnesota too and there is a lot of
variance to the Land here so it will be fun to see what
they have to share about it. Thanks for letting me escape
into the blessings a bit. Image~To Be A Feather In Spirit's

~To Be A Feather In Spirit's Wing~


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when i came back i walked around before i started
clearing again and offered tobacco as an offering and
explained it was what needed done for the good of all.
them and me. i have fires and honer thier spirit, i use
what i can in building sheds. the clearing is slow as the
trees let me know what is next. just like people they
have mixed emotions at times. when abused they dont trust
much anymore. try to fix the wrongs, open your heart to
them and show them your true thoughts. they will feel it,
if you mean it. they also know if you lie. just let it
happen and youll get a feeling you know is right, fallow

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Minnesota and
Minneapolis sound beautiful. When I had an Inn we had a
couple that shared their seasons between northern
Minnesota and Vermont. They loved both areas
couldn’t make a choice between them and decided to
keep both homes and go back and forth even though they
were in their seventies. They brought pictures; the lakes
are beautiful in Minnesota. .
know if that one part of the woodland was pushing you
away it may have wanted to encourage you to do the work
you were doing too. One doesn't know for sure until they
do establish a relationship and communication with the
SOP. Once that happens things pop though and
understanding grows tremendously. I'd encourage you to go
back there and sit, share the essence of your thoughts,
let the trees get to know you.]
can't even say for sure that it was pushing me away of
pulling me in. It was just a strange feeling and one I
was careful or cautious of. When I finally have a few
minutes to go and sit by myself, I will. It’s been
a very busy year trying to help the kids get their home
cleaned out and winterized.
off the grid is interesting; as they say “it living
intentionally”. I think it will take them ten years
before the house is finished but they have gravity water
and septic, electricity run off batteries and a generator
(solar addition comes next), gas and soon to be wood
heat, new windows and doors and are in the process of
insulating the outside and re-siding the timbers to
protect them with cedar shake. You can actually stand in
the kitchen now and not feel like you are standing an
environment of natural air conditioning. The hand made
windows were interesting but certainly didn’t do
much to conserve energy. I am optimistic that the
remainder of the roof will make it through the winter
until it is fully repaired next spring; and am thankful
that the 4 by 12 foot hole of rotting timber they
discovered has had new timbers added and been fixed. So
all in all its been a good year and its nice to watch a
neglected home slowly come back to life. Its also nice to
see the kids so happy.
Soon however
it will be time to walk the lands again and I am looking
forward to some quiet time and understanding. I think the
directions are what had me confused. As well as the fact
that I seem to be feeling more at times in general. This
land was settled early and I don’t know its history
yet but it could have been difficult. Both my daughter
and I felt a presence in the old part of the house. She
mentioned it to me and I said yes I felt it too, a female
child about twelve. My daughter had told her boyfriend
the exact same thing. Her presence is no longer there. I
believe she had been searching for and has returned to
her family. Someday maybe I’ll have a chance to
look up the history of the house and land. It will be
interesting and may add to my understanding. For now what
is is. I am thankful for being led to such a beautiful
place even though it needed some work and left me

You maybe right this part of the forest has been pretty
much untouched and is also at the headwater of the stream
so it is damp; other places had been left with a lot of
deadfall which has just been cut and left. The SOP maybe
protect of this area. It will take a few years to use and
clear out that which was left by man but its been
started. I am sure in time I will understand; but not
yet. Thank you for sharing your feelings and what you
did. I suspect my daughter's boyfriend smudged the house
and possible the lands. He is quite private and has never
said but is part native american and I suspect follows
some of the traditions.
everyone enjoys the season.
Walk in
peace, earthwalker

Walk in Peace

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Well, I'm not as far north as either you, Cinn or
EH. Fox River Grove is a far northwest burb in the metro
Chicago area. I'll be moving further west to Wonder Lake
in about 5 weeks. It's on the very farthest edge of
burbland. It used to be a weekend vacation spot for
Chicago folk. Still is, for some, but most of the old
summer cottages have been remodeled for year round use,
some newer homes sprinkled in here and there, and there
are a couple subdivisions building up in the village
south of there with monster houses on acre
The Old Goober's house is one
of the remodeled versions. It's got character and I love
it. Have since I first set foot in it 5 years ago when I
helped him find it. It was redone by a construction
contractor and he did it very nicely. The ceiling of the
living room is paneled and beamed in Oak. You walk into
glowing wood warmth with sun shining through large
windows along two of the three walls. It's so warm and
welcoming. The kitchen was redone with a cathedral
ceiling and skylights, bright and sunny and a little deck
at the side of the house with a vine covered, trellis
roof off a small sliding glass door. We watch humming
birds at a bird feeder out there and listen to the
But the thing about this
house is the Standing Ones around it. It's like the house
is both protected and rooted by them, supported and cared
for. Huge old Oaks and Pines, younger Maples, Cedars,
Locusts and a couple Firs. There's a wonderful old
Magnolia in the backyard that blooms so magnificently in
Spring and blesses us with shade in the summer to just
sit in the yard and watch Dusty the Black Lab patrol and
protect us from the nasty squirrels and chipmunks who
dare set paw on his master's property. And on the side
between the house and garage is a graceful Chinese Red
Maple. It's shady there and I plan to plant some
perennials and an herb garden eventually. If I can keep
Dusty from burying bones there, that is. I'll have to do
some negotiating. Image The Old
Goober built a fire pit in the yard for burning branches
and leaves and the occasional bonfire on a chilly
It's kind of an Oasis in the
neighborhood. There are actually six properties which
abut this one. Some tiny slivers of property with a tiny
house, others larger. But even though there is one yard
with 5 dogs and a mistress who screams at them amid their
barking, it's really very peaceful. At dusk we sit in the
yard and watch the bats flitting about catching their
nightly meal. There are so many different birds. The Old
Goober has set out bird feeders often, but there are some
very determined squirrels who have decimated them every
About 10 minutes from there is
an area called Glacial Park characterized by kames formed
by the leading edge of the waning Wisconsin glacier
22,000 years ago. Nippersink Creek wanders through the
area and the wetlands support an incredible variety of
birds and wildlife. We love walking there. It always
surprises us with new discoveries in every season. Autumn
is my favorite. The colors, the scents...*sigh*

This is where I truly feel a Spirit of Place.
Nippersink Creek offered passage for Native Americans and
Voyageurs before settlement started in McHenry in the
1830s. There is one area beneath a group of Standing Ones
at a bend in the Creek that vibrates through me whenever
I am there. The whole Park vibrates, but that spot in
particular is very strong. I feel sure it was there that
they often stopped, camped and rested. I'm not sure if
it's the Standing Ones or the Earth itself telling me
this, or both. But I'm sure of it. It's a layered
feeling. Multi-dimensional, like I'm several places at
Every year they hold what's
called The
Trail of History

at the Park. Booths, food and re-enactments complete with
canon and rifle salutes. It's great fun.
of History

Last year there was
speculation that the Park may be supporting a Wolf pack,
as a Wolf was hit by a car on the highway at the far edge
of the Park. There haven't been Wolves in this area in
many, many years. 50 miles north in Wisconsin there have
been some spotted occasionally over the years, but never
this far south. Exciting, and yet worrisome that they
would have to be foraging this far south for land and
food. It does support Coyote and many Deer,
So, that's where I'm moving to.
I'm a happy camper. Image
"A Fox is a Wolf who sends
flowers." - Ruth Weston

A Fox is a Wolf who brings flowers.

~ Ruth Weston

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Just to the south and east of
you in River Falls WI, we saw a wolf in the parking lot.
The town is expanding and has many standing people, the
wildlife was distrubed and came out of the woods behind
the office to cross to more natural area.
The leaves are beautiful heading up to Taylor
Falls. We rode along the St. Croix and saw eagles and
falcons on Sunday.
Beautiful day, beautiful
The wind blowing through my
long hair, loving the sun.
Said with
are beautiful in the wild. I once saw one heading to the
river, (in Nebraska). Beautiful.
Cougars are
returning to our area. Wisconsin has had a few reports
and the state is denying the cougars exist. A friend of
mine said her uncle had one sited on his farm and he
called the state. The state denied that it could be a
cougar, the farmer replied, I will just shoot it and you
can then tell me what it was. The state official then
said yes it is a cougar.