Spruce Tree

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Spruce Tree

*Nature-Speak/Ted Andrews

Keynote: Understanding; attend to your dreams; trust intuition.

There are many varieties of spruce trees. They are evergreens, which are extremely aromatic. They love human contact. When my wife and I purchased our first
home, we had a blue spruce tree in the front yard. It blocked a good part of the house. It was tall, broad and it looked dead. There was little coor to its
needles, and we assumed that it would need to be removed. Within the first month, the color began returning to the tree. Within three months, it was completely
healthy and vibrant.

The house had been empty for a long time, prior to our purchase of it and the spruce was depressed and lonely. That spruce was one of the most protective and
beautiful spirits I ever encountered. When we moved, leaving it behind was the most difficult part of all. Before we sold the house though, we ensured the new
owners would not cut it down.

Spruce comes from a Russian word meaning "fine, smart." As a link to the archetypal energies of Nature, the spruce is powerfully effective in
awakening realizations as to how best to detoxify one's system and to balance one's energies on all levels.

Spruce reminds us that we may not understand what we think we do. This can apply to any aspect of our life, but often it applies to health. The spruce spirit
is wonderful at awakening understanding of disease/illness causes. Spruce always stimulates dreams and its appearance is a reminder to attend to them, for they
are providing guidance and greater focus. It can even assist us in developing lucid dreams that lead to conscious out-of-body experiences.

Spruce is a gentle messenger and friend. It amplifies healing on all levels, and it is calming to the emotions. It is a gentle awakener of the dynamic feminine
intuition. It is an excellent tree staff to work with for any disorientation or lack of direction.
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