Shaman Stones

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Shaman Stones:

*From DragonHawk and MoonRaven's description at Whispered Prayers ( an excellent source of supplies, their online store is
extensive and they are extremely reliable in delivery of products.):

These stones are incredibly powerful. They are roundish Iron coated sandstone deposits. Extremely helpful in healing, protecting, meditating, shapeshifting,
and contacting spirit/animal guides. They give off an incredible energy vibration.

Some scientists believe them to be from 130 to 155 million years old. We have recently learned that these "Shaman Stones" have been found all around
the World - at many different native sites. Since these stones are older than any "international trade" it is highly likely that many different
tribes around the World had their own Shaman Stones. With this in mind, it begs the question - WHY ? Why would many different tribes have the same item. Did
the stones hold a deep spiritual meaning for them? Was there a universal calling to "Own" these? Or were they just left over from the meteors that
wiped-out the dinosaurs ?

The Shaman stones that we receive are from the Moqui Reservation ... hence the sub-name "Moqui Marbles". These strange Ironstone concretions are
found at the base of the Navajo Sandstone formation. The Moqui Indians that inhabited the Southwest used these small balls for marble-like games and in slings
for hunting.

The centers are filled with hard packed sandstone and the outer surface is a composite of iron, phosphorus, and lime (The outer surface tends to be 1/8th to
1/4 inch thick - We have a cut sample of a Shaman Stone available for viewing at the Whispered Prayers Store)

How they were formed and what caused their unusual rounded shapes remain a puzzle. There are various theories as to their formation. Some of the theories

* Meteroric Splash-over that covered "sandy" areas - eventually creating the "balls".

* Inadvertently created by superheating the sand. IE: They may have been created over a long period of time in native fire pits.

* Intentionally created through a primative alchemist method.

Their energies are somewhat like those of Boji Stones, and Kansas Pop Rocks ... Yet Shaman Stones may have a greater and longer running "power" (and
at a much lower price). Shaman Stones are highly protective, and will absorb negativity and replace it with useful energies. They are wonderful for healing, as
their energies flow easily up the Chakra column. The first time I held one of these stones in my hand, I could not believe the energy I felt inside them! If
you sit calmly, holding a shaman stone in each hand, you can actually feel a tingle travel up your arms and into the core of your body. Meditations and
spiritual journeys are greatly enhanced by holding a Shaman Stone in each hand. They may also be used to contact your animal spirits, totems, and guides, and
to aid in shapeshifting. Shaman Stones are equally balanced between grounding and energizing, and act as a connector to the Earth's energies. There are
likely many more magickal uses for Shaman Stones...

Purchasing 2 is highly recommended.
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