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*Aids the lungs, larynx, thyroid and the nervous system.

*Scott Cunningham:

Projective, Mars, Fire,

Metals: Silver, Platinum, Gold

Powers: Protection, courage, marital happiness, eloquence, peace, luck

Magical Uses: Sardonyx is chalcedony layered with brown sard. It is used in protective rituals and is worn to promote courage and fearlessness. In ancient Rome
a figure of Hercules or Mars was engraved on the stone for this last purpose. Sardonyx is used to promote good relations between lovers or married couples,
ending domestic strife and promoting communication.

It is worn or carried for eloquence, especially by lawyers and those who speak to the public. Because of this, jewelry containing sardonyx can be worn to court
to ensure that the wearer's testimony is clear and concise. Worn or placed near the heart, it relieves depression and despondency, producing peace and joy.

Sardonyx was at one time engraved with an eagle's head, set in silver, platinum, or gold and worn to bring good luck.
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