River Stones

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Does anyone have any information on just plain old smooth rvier stones (grayish to black). They are my favorite. I absolutley love then set in sterling silver.
Both the stones and the metal has a warm feeling to them. I don't get the same feeling from gold and gems. These always feel cold.

I haven't had much luck on the web.

Walk in Peace, earthwalker
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I also love the smoothness of
river stones. Here is what Mary Summer Rain's Guide to
Dream symbols says:River rocks signify a spiritual
"roundness' in one's life. I find that to aply
to reality also. Image I like to
paint them into animals and bugs. They become my 'pets'
LOL! No feeding no poo!
Love and
Light Tarra

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Thank you!! I just like
to wear them (small ones)Image .

Walk in peace, earthwalker

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Hi earthwalker
I've been
looking for info on stones as well. I love river and sea
pebbles and I've got a collection that keeps on growing!
I've got the little ones all over the place,
my favourite beside my bed and in piles on window ledges.
Last year I "branched out" into bigger
ones about the size of a small fruit.
I don't feel much for semi-precious stones and
I really don't like diamonds at all (Too cold and
lifeless), but pebbles get me every time. They're so warm
and comforting. I love the soft subtle colours. All those
shades of smokey greys and browns.

I've never found any info on pebbles and stones either.
One place suggested they might mean a basic love for
Mother Earth.
If I ever find any
better information I'll post it here for you.

autumn mouse
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Pebbles are very high in
"silica", which is also available as a
"schuessler salt" (aka cell-salt or
tissue salt).
Silica is mostly associated with
healing properties regarding infections, but also has
strong associations with hair and nails.
link will give
a very extensive overview of what silica is used for in
homeopathic treatment. Perhaps it is interesting to see
whether it resonates with you?Image


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Gosh, I never thought of anything like that. Thanks
Mouse. Image
My mom has a book on homeopathy. It has a less
complicated list of symptoms. I must ask her to check
silica for me.
I seem to remember
she has a book on tissue salts and what they relate to as
well. Might be interesting to see if there's anything in
there that relates.
I know a some of
the ones I have are granite. I seem to think granite has
some unusual qualities as a stone. My grandfather was a
self-taught geologist. I have some of his books packed
away somewhere. I must see what they say about what is
inside granite too.
Image I'll let
you know if I find anything.

autumn mouse
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Simply put, the cell salt Silicea will be used for
the connective tissue of the skin, hair and nails.

Areas of application are Abcesses,
Acne, Bedwetting, Boils, Colds, Coughs, Constipation,
Earache, Eye inflammation, Swollen glands, Hair and nails
split, Injuries and neglected injuries, Septic wounds,
Sinusitis, Splinters, Styes, Tonsillitis, Ulcerated
throat and Ill effects of vaccination.
The characteristic symptoms that would
indicate the possible need for silicea (aka silica): A
chilly, timid but obstinate personality. Person
anticipates that he will fail in his normal business,
from loss of confidence, but he is very capable once he
begins, e.g. speaking in public. Lack of action or
"grit", seen in slow maturing of boils,
styes, etc., which may harden instead of coming to a
head. Sensitive to draughts, cold, noise. Every little
injury goes septic and refuses to heal. Smelly feet.
Symptoms from suppressed foot sweat. Sweats on head.
Helps bring splinters to the surface. Colds with earache.
Colds go to chest. Coughs up smelly lumps of
(From: "Practical
Homeopathy" by Sylvia Treacher)Image


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I'm very glad to say I don't have most of those
symptoms! Image I do get
sinusitis and throat infections.

personality.. I do have problems with self-confidence,
but no- one ever realises that as I'm usually a cheerful
outgoing sort. I'm a good actor and it's only close
family who know I get bad bouts of the timidness. I think
I picked "Maftet" because she's
"the runner". I'm good at running.. and
hiding! Image
Intersting then that my stones make
me feel comforted and safe. The one I keep beside my bed
calms me down.
I've certainly got a
lot to think about here! Image
Oh, I went and checked granite and it has
quartz and mica in it. I have some quartz river pebbles
as well. I hadn't even thought about it till now. Amazing
what you overlook.

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Hi EarthWalker Image
See if there are any rock formations in the
area around the river you get your rocks from. They may
be the same kind. Around our area, many of the river
rocks are granite, concretion or quartz.
Light & LoveImage

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Hi all,
Thanks for your
comments. I seemed to have missed them allsince I only go
to certain forums when am busy and during the week. As
for healing, I honestly don't think about healing too
much since I seldom even get a cold. I think I just love
the feel of them. I was also given or allowed to take a
river stone about 2-3 inches longs from a place in
Pennsylvania called Swiss Pines. It was an 80 acre
reserve of which about 20 acres were Japanesse gardens
but with Swiss influence. The donor who was very old and
often sat in Pagoda by the pond within the protected
gardens gifted us one day with a river rock that had been
transported from Switzerland. I use to try to get there
on lunch hours but never had enough time to really get to
know him well; but now know that he had a very special
aura about him. Even when we didn't get to see him, the
30-45 minutes spent walking through the gardens were
always wonderful times. Since that experience river rock
has always been a favorite stone. The particular stone
now resides in my daughter home.

Walk With, I will check out that what the river stones
are made from but I don't think it really matters to me.
It is just the smooth warmth I like, probably due to it's
porosity or larger crystal structure as compared to a
gemstone. However, it would be interesting to see if I
have a preferences, in the spring, well maybe
Walk in Peace,

Walk in Peace