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*Scott Cunningham:

Folk Name: Chrysolite, Chrysolithus, Lumahai (Hawaiian)

Energy is receptive, planet is Venus, element is Earth, associated metals are gold and lodestone, powers are luck, love, protection and money.

Ritual Lore: A savage storm bombarded the tiny, round island of Kauai. I braved the stinging wind and, moving past the ironwood trees, looked out on Lumahai
Beach (where parts of the movie South Pacific were filmed). Lumahai in Hawaiian means "olivine." As huge waves crashed a few yards from me, I knelt
on the sand and saw countless millions of small green crystals interspersed with framents of coral, lava and shells. A year later I knelt at Ka Lae, on the Big
Island of Hawaii, and gathered larger olivine crystals from the red sand. Nearby were beaches composed solely of olivine.

I've talked to several rock experts and none agree with each other. The question? Olivine/Peridot. The two stones, some say, are identical; others say
olivine has a more olivish tint and that peridot is greener. The stones, no matter their source, seem to be nearly the same color; though to some, olivine is a
bit darker green. Since this question isn't yet settled to my satisfaction, I've listed both stones under separate articles. Olivine is a green,
translucent stone. It is volcanic in origin and is found throughout the world. It was recently found in meteorites.

Magical Uses: Olivine is a money-drawing stone. Ring green candles with the stone or wear to bring money into your life.

Olivine sand can be purchased in gift shops in Hawaii. If you happen to obtain some, add a pinch to moeny sachets or place some in your pocket while
visualizing. Those involved in the business world can put a small amount in their desks or in the cash registers. Or, put your business card on a green plate
and completely cover it with this sand. All these rituals can also be done with the stones.

Olivine has been sued for protection since it is of volcanic origin. it deflects negativity directed toward its owner, and so it is often used as an amulet.
Small faceted olivine stones set into gold rings are ideal protective charms. The stone is also set in gold and worn for protection against thieves, as well as
to create a positive outlook on life. Known as a love-attracting stone as well. Like all green stones, it is carried or used in spells designed to bring luck.
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