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From Jamie Sams' & David Carson's "Medicine Cards" (Revised, Expanded Edition)

Mountain Lion...

Oh kingly leader,

Of sleek, feline form,

Touch my heart with courage,

Then sound the alarm,

That I may lead with foresight,

Assurance bright and true,

To carry on the spirit,

Of the strength I see in you.


Mountain Lion can be a very difficult power totem for you to have, because it places you in a position to be a target for the problems of others. You could be
blamed for things going wrong, or for always taking charge when others cannot. You could become the perfect justification for the insecurities of others.

Mountain Lion medicine involves lessons on the use of power in leadership. It is the ability to lead without insisting that others follow. It is the
understanding that all beings are potential leaders in their own way. The use and abuse of power in a position of influence are part of this great cat's

By observing the graceful pounce of Mountain Lion, you will learn how to balance power, intention, physical strength, and grace. This relates in human terms,
to the balance of body, mind and spirit. The giant feline never wastes anything. It only kills what it needs for survival. The female lion is the hunter who
graces her table in a style akin to mother energy.

If Mountain Lion has come to you in dreams, it is a time to stand on your convictions and lead yourself where your heart takes you. Others may choose to follow
and the lessons will multiply. If you have pulled the card of Mountain Lion, you may be asked to review the purpose behind your personal beliefs. You may need
to discover whether or not your plans include a pride of cubs wanting to be like you or to share in your dreams. If you are already a leader, the question may
be whether or not the time has come to push the cubs out of the cave. If you are aligned with cat medicine, you are considered to be "king of the
mountain," and never allowed to be human or vulnerable. The pitfalls are many, but the rewards are great.

In assuming the place of power that Mountain Lion affords, you must constantly be aware of keeping peace. However you can never make everyone happy unless you
lie to yourself or others. This is human nature. Therefore the first responsibility of leadership is to tell the truth. Know it and live it, and yoour example
will filter down to the tiniest cub in the pride. Responsibility is no more than the ability to respond to any situation. Panic is not a part of this sacred medicine.


If your Mountain Lion card is reversed, you may be playing with fire. A leader who tries to lead through tyranny or dictatorship has forgotten the medicine of
truth. Through the reversal of this medicine, you may be tricked into believing that nothing else has validity except the ideas created by yourself. Watch out!
Rome crumbled for this very reason! If this aspect of the contrary medicine does not apply to your situaiton, look at other messages which Mountain Lion brings
in the reversed position.

If you are avoiding taking your place of leadership, it could be because the whole idea scares you silly. This is a normal state of affairs for one who has
never beena leader before. In this instnce it is necessary to call upon the courage of Lion and to begin by learning the lessons of the

Another message of Mountain Lion reversed is to not let yourself be led down the primrose path by a leader who is abusing power. If you want to put yourself on
the road to being a leader in your own right, ask questions of anyone to whom you have given authority. See if they carry the medicine of Mountain Lion, and
whether you can grow into your own leadership by observing how they handle the task of setting examples.

Become Mountain Lion by refusing to hide in the cave of your own shyness or uncertainty. Roar with conviction, roar with power and remember to roar with
laughter to balance the medicine.

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Role: Leader
Lesson: Proper Use of Power

Element: Earth
Wind: West ~The
Quest Within~
Medicine: Emissary
Spectral figure

prowls the night,
your yellow eyes burning
as you watch the story
Humanity unfold
Wisdom garnered

through experiences faced,
a proud
lineage of courage traced
back through the
haunting canyons
of Time untold
Your chilling scream
pierces the
the resonating echo leaves a trail

that speaks to us
of a soul that
stands alone
Emissary &
of the planes you travel between,

though rarely heard and seldom seen,

our souls respond in resplendent joy

when you guide us ~Home~



Leadership -
Standing Behind Convictions - Confidence
Clever - Awareness - Learning Proper use of
Messenger between Humans
& The Divine Beings
- Steadfast - Responsible


Watching the Cougar
(also known in other cultures and regions as either Puma
or Mountain Lion) one is keenly aware of the formidable
grace and power that is reflected in every stride taken
or leap made. And yet the sense is that the Cougar has a
conscious awareness of his strength and the potential to
inflict great harm with very little effort, a fact that
is reflected in the tenderness with which the female
cougar treats her young as a mouth that can easily crush
bones is also capable of exceptional gentleness as she
bathes her cubs.
Adults can weigh
in anywhere between 100 - 200 lbs., with an average
length of 48 - 60 inches with an additional 28 inches of
tail. They are renowned jumpers, possessing the ability
to leap 30 feet horizontally and up to 18 feet
vertically, a testimony to the powerful leg muscles of
these magnificent creature beings.

***For the two-legged beside whom Cougar strides, there
will exist an inherent power and strength that is the
very core of their Being. These are incredibly powerful
individuals, though such power is gifted via a process of
trial and error as the Cougar soul learns the difference
between using such formidable power, and abusing it.

Most Cougar individuals have an
inner respect and understanding of their own abilities
and hence, will generally not throw their weight around
unless they are either backed into a corner from which
there is no obvious escape, or unless they are operating
from an extremely damaged or unintegrated Personality
Center. Yet for those who begin wielding such a gift in a
reckless manner, many painful encounters and situations
will arise that may initially perplex the one who walks
with Cougar, bringing losses in fortune, falls from
positions of leadership or even public humiliation and/or
scandal. Eventually, the unintegrated Mountain Lion will
reflect upon the choices that have led him/her to such
losses and embarrassments and, in new found humility,
they will recognize the Lessons behind such experiences
and (in most instances) modify their behavior and beliefs
One of the hallmark
characteristics of the Cougar Soul, is an innate quest to
reach the best within themselves. It matters not whether
they reach the top of the corporate ladder, excel
academically, or are the leader of a cherished cause,
these individuals will exude the sense that they are
meant to be in the role of leader.

Interestingly however, most two-leggeds beside whom
Cougar pads, will be reluctant leaders and will often
find themselves at the top of the chain of command during
an emergency or crisis when less capable individuals
collapse around them. Seeing what needs to be done and
acting accordingly, the Mountain Lion will stabilize the
unbalanced situation and perform damage control. This
capacity to calmly assess and rectify problem situations
will not go unnoticed, and here again may lie a challenge
for the Cougar soul.
Because they
generally make reluctant admirals (at least initially),
the one that journeys with Mountain Lion may appear
somewhat unimpressed with gaining the same promotion that
may be jealously coveted by their peers. Such apparent
indifference is often misinterpreted as arrogance, and
petty envy amongst co-workers often surfaces as a result.

When Cougar Soul can embrace in
humility and grace his/her Gift of Leadership and wield
such power with compassion and strength, the leap is made
to a higher plane of unity with the Soul’s Unique
Purpose for incarnating.***
Behind Convictions

Most cultures that have
Cougar as one of several key figures of their lore
recognize this beautiful cat as a creature of great
strength, cunning and power. And in observing the
Mountain Lion in the wild, it is easy to see where such
tales of prowess stem from as they utilize not only their
strength alone, but also employ their intelligence and
By looking at the solid
and long form of the Cougar, it becomes apparent that
these cats are designed for multiple tasks, as their
large paws bespeak of an ability to traverse a wide
variety of terrain from grassy paths to high granite
walls. Their long, thick tails assist them with balancing
in precarious positions and heights, while their muscular
legs propel them higher and longer in leaps than any
other cat. Such a diverse design hints at the ability
these animals have to gain dominance over their
environment and maneuver in areas virtually inaccessible
to other creatures of the wild.

***As Cougar is sure-footed atop their canyon and desert
perches, so is the two-legged beside whom Cougar strides,
certain of his/her approach to life. Much like their
Totem Spirit, the human counterpart will exude an aura of
quiet strength that will make an impression upon Others.

The impression made will almost
always be one of respect and/or admiration, though the
Cougar Soul seems to elicit extreme responses in Others.
While some peers encountered taking an instant liking to
the Cougar individual, while others will feel immediately
threatened by the strong presence and hence an immediate
and vehement dislike may ensue.
all who come to know the individual beside whom Mountain
Lion journeys will tend to agree that these are souls
that stand firm in their beliefs and convictions. These
are the sort of people who appear to have a moral fiber
made of bedrock as they will seldom waver or be badgered
from their beliefs.
Although their
moral/spiritual beliefs may not necessarily be
“traditional,” they will have a set of
self-imposed code of ethics and morality that they will
stand firmly behind. These granite philosophies are part
of what makes these individuals so highly trusted by
friends, family and those who know the strength of
character the Cougar soul exhibits.

Conversely, there will be an equal number of detractors
that would love nothing more than to see Mountain Lion
tumult from a position of great height, as perhaps their
own honesty and conviction pales in comparison to the
Cougar’s lofty spirituality. Such individuals who
are operating from a point of insecurity deeply rooted in
a unintegrated Personality Center, will tend to project
their own unresolved issues off onto the Cougar soul,
rather than examine where they may improve and enrich
their own lives by living in closer accordance with their
own belief system.
When challenged
on their morals or beliefs, the Cougar individual will
become much like the Mountain Lion defending his/her
territory, and an ordinarily placid two-legged can come
out with fangs bared when backed into a corner. Such
attacks on their beliefs are capable of cutting right to
the core of the Cougar soul, as these are honorable
people that do their upmost to be trustworthy, dependable
and honest.
If a two-legged with
Cougar as a Totem is operating from the Shadow or
~Contrary Medicine,~ there may exist a tendency to be
dogmatic in their practices or beliefs, holding very
little patience for philosophy or belief systems
different from their own. Yet this is rare, as most
Mountain Lion’s respect the “spiritual
territories” of others almost as much as they guard
their own right to think and believe as they see fit.

For the two-legged operating from
the Higher Octave of Cougar Medicine, the men are the
knights in shining armor of eras long past that live and
defend the values of trust, honesty, faithfulness and
honor. The female Cougars are the ~Earth Mothers~ that
exude an aura of Oneness with the All and a deep
reverence for the environment. In both the male and
female, a profound connection and respect for the ancient
customs and traditions of indigenous people will be felt
and expressed, though they themselves may not have been
born with Native American blood and remind Others of the
importance of respect for the Wisdom of the Elders.***

As previously stated,
the Cougar is the top cat when it comes to leaps of
distance and height. This is due to both the strong leg
muscles these felines possess, as well as the balancing
weight of their tails.
Most often,
the Mountain Lion (true to one of its names) dwells atop
lofty perches in mountains and canyons, as well as high
desert mesas. Such heights as these animals dwell
requires sure-footedness and grace of movement, and
herein their long and thick tails are employed to assist
with balance as is required of those who exist in such
precarious terrain. Acting as a highly effective
counterbalance, the Cougar’s tail assists in
steadying them as they walk along the narrow pathways and
crevices etched from the granite and sandstone cliffs in
which these beautiful creature beings call home.

***For the two-legged with Cougar
as a Primary Totem, the keyword of Balance becomes
crucial in integrating a ~holistic~ Mind/Body &
Spirit approach. Although these individuals are by nature
very sensual and “earthy” types (and as such
there will be an emphasis on their physical ~Self~), they
are also keenly aware of the needs of the mind and soul
as well. If the Cougar Soul is in good physical shape yet
is not developing his/her spiritual side, or conversely,
if the one beside whom Mountain Lion stalks is involved
in spiritual learning and growth but they don’t
exercise their body or mind, the unbalance will be more
keenly felt than it would be for other individuals. The
result is that there will be much inner turmoil and
stress with the questioning of “what is missing in
my life?” becoming a predominant pondering.

The best form of physical exercise
for the Cougar individual would be one that takes into
consideration the Whole Self (again, Mind/Body and
Spirit). An excellent example of such well targeted
exercise for the Mountain Lion, would be Yoga, or perhaps
Ti-chi, as these are both forms of exercise that employ
All levels of the Self . . . the body is in movement, the
energy centers are being stimulated and aligned, and the
mind is in deep focus or meditation.
If you are a Cougar Soul and are currently
feeling “out of alignment,” pay attention to
this feeling and heed it, for this is precisely what is
occurring. Stop and take an honest evaluation of your
life and your approach to this Journey. What are you
neglecting, or what areas of your life and expression are
you over-indulging in? Because Balance is such a key for
you, it is crucial for your development that you become
aware of your keen need for a WHOLE approach to life.

Are there certain individuals that
are draining you of your energy, freedom or right to
express yourself in a healthy and meaningful manner? If
so, then those relationships need to also be evaluated in
detached honesty. Because of your powerful, yet
unassuming nature, there will be those that will seek to
undermine your confidence and balance. If this is the
case, confrontation, restructuring of relationships or
even some “endings” may be in order.

The art of Balancing your life
ought to be approached in stages however, as it is also
quite characteristic of the Mountain Lion individual to
immediately leap into action and attempt to take on too
much at once. The key here is moderate and progressive
steps forward. No matter how long the journey takes, and
regardless of the occasional step or two
“backward,” so long as more movement is made
forward than back, the Journey is being walked and the
goal is drawing ever nearer. Remember, we all arrive
exactly where we need to be, exactly when we need to be
Messenger between Humans
& The Divine Beings

Native American lore
holds the Cougar as the champion of the two-legged who
presents the humans “case” to the ~One
Above.~ Acting as the emissary on behalf of we of the
two-leggeds, Cougar asks for forgiveness for our follies
and misbehavers while carrying messages between human and
the Divine.
Because Humans are
capable of intentional and unprovoked violence, spite,
hatred and other emotions and behaviors not witnessed in
the Creature Beings, the task of emissary for Cougar can
be a challenging one. He/she must find the Light at the
center of the darkness, the beauty and grace that lives
beyond the sometimes tangled core of the human
personality center.
For his
faithful guidance and support of we humans, he is revered
amongst many tribes, and given thanks for acting on our
behalf. His belief in us a faith that may best be
reciprocated in acts of kindness to All Life, compassion
and embracing in understanding the surface and transitory
~differences~ of spiritual beliefs, race or economic
background of our fellow two-leggeds. In this manner, we
show our thankfulness for his faith and trust in us.

***Cougar Spirit will travel beside
a two-legged who possesses a keen insight and perception.
This insight may surface via an
~extra-sensory-perception,~ or it may firmly rooted in a
more ~practical~ understanding of the human psyche and
subconscious mind. Both mediums and psychotherapists are
often found with Cougar as a Primary Animal Ally.

The Mountain Lion Soul will often
be a bridge of understanding between two diametrically
opposed individuals, factions or groups as theirs is the
Medicine of Emissary. As such, others will often turn to
them for their non-partial perspective as the Cougar
individual is quite capable of seeing all sides of any
given situation. Then, when he/she becomes connected with
a cause or belief, they make excellent, out-spoken
proponents of such a cause and hence are outstanding
spokespersons for a variety of ventures which capture
their attention.
While such
Medicine brings the Gift of harmony between opposites,
the individual with Cougar as a Totem will often find
him/herself in the middle of an argument, attempting to
bring understanding and equilibrium to both
“sides.” This is a beautiful trait when it is
the Cougar’s conscious choice to become involved,
yet the challenge is that the two-legged beside whom
Mountain Lion walks may often find themselves immersed
without a conscious decision to do so. Friends, family
even strangers may take advantage of their inherent drive
to be a mediator, and in those moments, the Cougar Soul
may suddenly find themselves the target of attack from
either side, becoming the “middle person” in
an entirely uncomfortable sense of the word!
By establishing clear boundaries and
guidelines with Others as to when and by how much, they
are willing to act as a “go between,” the
Cougar individual is fulfilling his/her principle
Medicine of Messenger without falling victim to the
unresolved issues and grievances of Others. As the Cougar
grows from cub to adult (spiritually/metaphorically
speaking), the lessons learned in defining boundaries
assists as they fulfill their Medicine of Messenger and
teach Others the power of understanding and
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Cougar represents strength, freedom, and
leadership; grace, balance, and confidence; skill,
courage, and competence; understanding the value of
independence and self-sufficiency.

Cougar's confidence comes from knowing her own way.
Through experience gleaned in the process of
self-discovery she is a loner who enjoys her own company.
She has little to fear from life and demonstrates her
freedom with a leadership that does not require others to
follow. By owning her own power she is able to utilize
her strengths to her greatest advantage. By walking her
talk she does not express her wisdom--she exudes it
instead. She does not fear the unknown; rather she
relishes it with an insatiable curiosity that drives her
forward. She knows her grace and strength will grant her
safe passage.
This creature-teacher
will show you the excitement of working with your own
powers to use them wisely with stealth as she does. She
moves silently through the roughest terrain with a love
of travel filled with the joy and mystery of the journey.
Learn from this journey of the inner spirit. Let her show
you the ways of stalking your dreams and goals and
pouncing on opportunities as they arise. She will teach
you to trust your instincts and adapt well to your
surroundings. Alert, with senses keened, she is silent as
she stalks her prey. Her eyes are fixed unwaveringly;
eyes that are penetrationg and can hold quarry
transfixed. She can lay still, stalk, and subtly study
while out-thinking her target and creatively learning her
best path of action.
Cougar teaches
you to make your own confident choices; to walk the path
that is right for you regardless of how envious or
jealous others may be. She wastes nothing. Cougar will
not abuse her power. She kills only to eat. She knows her
own truths. Cougar strikes to her best advantage--usually
from behind utilizing the element of surprise. She
teaches gentle strength will carry you a long way and if
you hear her warning cry it is too late. Her nurturing
and playful ways teach that not all of life is so
serious. You need to take time to enjoy yourself wherever
you are by learning to relax with one eye open, one ear
cocked--just in case an adventure is about to
happen.Image To
Be A Feather In Spirit's Wing.
~To Be A Feather In Spirit's Wing~


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The Cougar
The cougar also
known as the mountain lion and the puma is very illusive
and hard to find in the wild. Because of its illusive
quality it is often noted as an animal that is
independent, shy and withdrawn. The same characteristics
are often found in people with this medicine.
The adult males weigh around one hundred
seventy five pounds and are one of the fastest known
animals, although it does tire quickly. This is partly
due to the cougars sporadic energy. When it pounces on
its prey it moves with short strong bursts of
Cougar is associated with
leadership and teaches decisiveness in the use of
personal power. They are powerful and agile and can leap
over forty feet. They kill their prey with their bite of
their claws. When it attacks it does not hesitate. When
threatened it goes for the most vulnerable
Those with cougar medicine
should pay attention to how their speech and their
actions affect others. Make sure you are not speaking too
sharply or holding on to something too tightly. Cougar is
a difficult totem to have because it continually places
you in a position to be a target for the problems of
others. Its power, strength and assertiveness are often
misunderstood. You would be wise to listen to cougar and
let it teach you how to balance intention, power and
strength in everything you do.

Cougars are very territorial. The mother will stay with
her cubs for a year and teach them to hunt, first by
bringing them a kill and then bringing her prey back
alive so that they can kill it. Cougars brings the power
of balanced leadership. In the way cougar teachers her
young, in the balance that she has with her environment
and in her quiet power, she shows this gift. Cougar
medicine people make excellent teachers, leaders and
The other side of
cougar is its illusive quality. It can appear without
being noticed and quietly take control of a situation.
Sometimes this can lead to conflict with others over
Those with cougar
medicine have past life connections relating to power and
leadership. When the cougar selects you as its student be
prepared for the ride of your life. It can shred you into
little pieces (dissolve karma and identity) then put you
back together again with a pure heart and purpose. True
leadership through gentle assertiveness is what cougar
teaches those with this totem.Image