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*Scott Cunningham:

Folkname: quicksilver

Projective, receptive,

Planet: Mercury

Elements: Water, Earth, Air

Ritual Lore: Mercury--that strange, shining, molten 'silver' that never solidifies. Mystically and magically mercury is a complex metal. it is
possessed of a dual nature--projective and recpetive, yang and yin, metal and liquid. Due to its dense weight mercury is ruled by the element of Earth. Because
it appears in a liquid state, it is also ruled by Water, and its rapid movements signify Air. Since mercury is so poisonous this aspect could, perhaps, be
ruled by Fire. Let's face it, mercury is strange. It has been used in magic partly because of its unique appearance and properties.

For example, pools of mercury were once held in the hand and sused as vehicles for scrying. Also used for this purpose were clear glass spheres, filled with
mercury and tightly corked, then placed upside down on a stand.

A gambling talisman popular to this day consists of a hollowed nutmeg filled with mercury and sealed. This is carried for good luck with cards, dice, horses
and numbers.

However--mercury is dangerous to breathe, ingest or even to touch for prolonged periods of time. It's magical uses are therefore limited and, perhaps
needlessly risky.

The Witches' Almanac, a now-defunct annual publication that had great impact on Wiccans and folk magicians during its years of publication from 1972-1980,
printed a modern version of the Witches' bottle, an old protective charm, in the Aries 1976-Pisces 1977 edition. This charm consisted of three bottles. The
smallest bottle was filled with mercury and placed inside another bottle. The second bottle was filled with water and then put into an even larger jar and
covered with sand, rocks and shells. After this spell was published it became immensely popular and many started to use mercury in magic once again. However,
there are safer metals to use in magic--safer and cheaper as well. Don't use mercury. Please.
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