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Scott Cunningham:

Folk names: The Peace Stone, Stone of Peace

Receptive, Jupiter, Neptune, Water, Peace, Spirituality, Luck, Protection, Anti-nightmare, Psychism, Love.

Magical Uses: 2-3 foot masses of brilliant lilac stone lay shimmering in the Sun. Interpenetrating the rocks were clusters of pink tourmalines. The effect was
stunning, awe-inspiring. In the hills on the Pala Indian Reservation, about an hour's drive north of San Diego, lie pegmatite-rich areas. In these
mountains are found pink, red, green and multicolored tourmaline, mica, beryl, morganite, hiddenite (green spodumene), kunzite--and tons of lepidolite.

Lepidolite is a purplish type of mica rich in lithium. It is a beautiful yet fragile mineral. Though it is found in forms hard enough to be carved into eggs
and spheresm, most of it easily crumbles. Some of it is shot through with pink tourmaline crystals.

Because it is not a gemstone, lepidolite has been difficult to botain in stores. As more stone magic practitioners become aware of its properties, it will
become increasingly easier to find.

This is a calming stone, suitable for felieving the stresses of everyday living. Rarely made into jewelry, it is usually carried for this purpose. It soothes
anger, hatred, or any other negative emotion. Simply hold the stone in your receptive hand for a few moments and breathe deeply. Or, to quiet the entire house,
place lepidolite stones in a circle around a pink candle.

Due to its calming effects and its sometimes vividly purple color, it can be used in rituals or carried to promote spirituality. This mineral is carried to
attract good luck to its bearer. It also drives off negativity, though its protective properties aren't extremely strong.

To promote a restful sleep, free of nightmares, place some near the headboard. Some stone magicians are not using it to increase psychic awareness. An easy way
to do this is to place a large piece of the mineral on your altar between yellow or blue candles. Settle down before this and work to break your conscious
mind's dictatorship.

Pieces of pink tourmaline embedded in lepidolite are useful for promoting love or calming the negative emotions that often upset relationships. It is a stone
or reconciliation.
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