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Scott Cunningham:

Receptive, Venus, Pluto, Earth, Relaxation, Peace, Grounding.

Magical Uses: At a recent gem and mineralogical show in San Diego, I stopped by a booth with dozens of beautiful pink and lilac specimens ranging in size from
an inch or so in length to huge pieces a half-foot long. They emitted a peaceful vibration which was apparent just by standing near them.

"Hold this. Doesn't it calm you?" a woman asked her companion, pressing a small piece of the stone into his hand. He affirmed that it did. The
price tag was a stressful $95.00.

Kunzite is a fairly "modern" stone--no ancient sources mention it. Yet it has quickly garnered acclaim and a few magical uses by those who have
worked with it.

The best quality kunzite seems to be the lilac-shaded pieces. From what I've been told, the color will fade if exposed to sunlight for too long. It is, as
mentioned above, expensive--a quarter-sized piece I recently purchased cost $9.00. Magically, kunzite is held or worn to induce relaxation. It releases
tension, soothing those muscles in which we often carry the effects of daily stress. Passing the stone over tension-ridden parts of the body unknits the
muscles. If your work subjects you to pressure, place a piece on your desk or near your work station. Hold it in your receptive hand to de-stress. Kunzite kept
in the car can help you relax during traffic snarls. If you feel rich enough, add a small piece of kunzite to car protection amulets to ensure that you
don't cause problems while behind the wheel. Like amethyst, kunzite is also a peace-inducer. Carry or gaze at it to calm anger, nerves or fear.

It is also a centering, grounding stone and so is worn or carried to 'come down to Earth.' Kunzite may also be useful for attracting love. Many of its
secrets still lay within it, waiting to be discovered.
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