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*Warding off exorcisms and unpleasant apparitions or mental fears. Symbolizes sadness and grief, so it has long been used as jewelry during the period of

*A fossilized plant and not a stone at all. None the less it is used in healing to control and ease migraine and pain behind the eyes.

*Scott Cunningham:

Folk names: Witches' Amber, Black Amber

Receptive, Saturn, Earth, Akasha, Cybel, Lavender, Sage, Protection, Anti-nightmare, Luck, Divination, Health.

Ritual Lore:

Jet is fossilized wood millions of years old. It is a black, glasslike stone. Because it is black, it is associated with the element of Earth, but due to its
orgainic origins, it is also related to Akasha. Jet shares with amber the property of becoming electrically charged when rubbed. Dure to its mysterious nature
and electrical properties, jet has long been considered a magical stone. When jet is continuously worn on the body, it is thought to absorb part of the
wearer's soul. While this is true of many stones, jet was presued to be doubly powerful, and such stones were carefully guarded, for in the wrong hands
they could be used to manipulate their original wearer.

Ancient Greek worshippers of Cybele, the goddess of growth and plants, wore jet to obtain her favors. Modern-day gardeners also wear jet to make their plants
flourish. Along with amber, which is magically 'married', jet was found in prehistoric gravesites. It was probably placed there to bring good fortune
to the deceased or to guard the bones. Contemporary Wiccan High Priestesses, especially those following the basic ritual patterns popularized by the late
Gerald Gardner, often weare necklaces of alternating amber and jet beads.

Jet is a marvelous stone, but beware--much of what is sold as jet is actually black glass. Purchase it only from a reliable source.

Magical Uses:

Jet is receptive and therefore absorbs energies, especially negativity. This makes it a protective substance. It can be worn as beads, carried, or placed
beside white candles during protective rituals. It is a fine household protectant when placed in the home. Sea Witches and fishermen's wives in old Britain
prized it as a potent magical protectant. They burned it in the household fires as an incense to guard their absent husbands.

A small piece of jet is sometimes placed momentarily on a newborn baby's stomach to guard it. It is also a special traveler's amulet, worn to ward off
dangers while on the road or in strange countries. During the Middle Ages jet was carved into images of beetles and worn for protection.

To guard against nightmares and to ensure a good night's rest, wear jet to bed, place a piece under the pillow, or hang it on the bedpost.

To strengthen psychic awareness, place small shavings in a clear glass bottle. Fill with water. Let this sit in the Sun for several hours until the water has
warmed. Filter out the jet and drink this liquid just before trying to contact the psychic mind. Tiny amounts of jet are also added to psychic-type incenses.
Or, pour powdered jet onto glowing charcoal block, still your mind, and scry in its fumes.

An ancient divination utilizing jet is quite simple--if you have a large ax and a fireplace or barbecue pit. Place the ax head in the fire until it is red hot.
Enchant or empower the jet. Have a question in your mind, or visualize a possible future endeavor that is troubling you. When it has been heated, move the ax
head away from the fire an dcast the jet on it. If it burns the answer is yes, or the course of action is favorable. If not, the ax and jet have determined
that the reverse is true.

Jet is alos utilized in health and healing spells. It is owrn to maintain proper energy flow within the body to avoid ill-health. Combined with blue candles
during healing fires or fumed with lavender and sage to promote health.
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