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*This stone is said to reduce irritability in the wearer and to increase feelings of peace and goodwill towards others.

*Stimulates bone marrow and increases the production of red corpuscles.

*Scott Cunningham:

Receptive, Moon, Water, Peace, Anti-nightmare, Travel, Protection, Lactation, Luck.

Magical Uses:

Chalsedony, in common with many other stones, banishes fear, hysteria, depression, mental illness and sadness. It promotes calm and peaceful feelings when worn
or held in the hand. In the 16th C it was prescribed by magicians to dissolve illusions and fantasies. For this purpose it was pierced and hung around the
neck. Worn to bed or placed beneath the pillow, it drives away nightmares, night visions, and fear of the dark. As a protective stone it guards its bearer
during times of political revolution and while traveling. It is used to ward off psychic attack and negative magic. It prevents accidents if worn.

In Renaissance magic it was engraved with the figure of a man with his right hand upraised. This was worn for success in lawsuits as well as for health and

The stone is used for beauty, strength, energy, and success in all undertakings. In Italy, mothers wear beads of white chalcedony to increase lactation. An
arrowhead carved of this stone is worn or carried for luck.
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