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*An elixir of brass eliminates toxins throughout the body; stimulates hair growth; aligns the vertebrae. Helps scalp and skin diseases.

*Scott Cunningham:

Projective, Sun, Fire, associated metal: gold; healing, money, protection.

Magical Uses: Brass has long been used as a magical substitute for gold. While it doesn't possess all of gold's attributes, brass is used in
money-attracting rituals. Brass has also been used in ritual healing. Wearing a brass ring, for example, is said to halt stomach cramps. A brass key placed on
the nape of the neck or dropped down the back is an old spell to stop nosebleeds. This yellowish gold metal is also protective. Brass jewelry is worn to guard
the person. It is used in defensive magic to send negativity back to its sender. Empowered brass objects are placed in the home for protective purposes.
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