Bear Appearing In My Dreams

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Lately Bear has been appearing during my dreamtime, and I'm having a difficult time figuring out the messages. I live in an area with a large bear
population and I'm not afraid of them during my waking state. But when Bear appears to me in my dreams I'm usually afraid of him and have difficulty
interacting with him, or he does something that frightens me.

This morning I had a dream where I was fishing in a pond (which later turned into a swimming pool -- funny thing, dreams). I suddenly caught a huge fish and
happily started reeling it in. Just then Bear appeared and snatched the fish off my line, taking it away from me. Scared, I hid behind a door and watched as at
least a couple of dozen bears appeared and frolicked around the pond, wrestling with each other, and causing a huge commotion. It was pure pandemonium. During
this I felt a combination of fear as I hid behind the door, and annoyance that my "prize" was taken from me.

The one thing I find interesting about these dreams is that Bear never outright attacks me in the dreams, but he does exhibit a threatening manner or behaves
in a way that makes me afraid of him. Sometimes many bears will show up in the dream, like the one I had this morning.

I realize that Bear is trying to teach me a lesson, but so far I'm having trouble figuring it out. I also don't like the fact that I'm always so
afraid of him when he appears, and wish I could find a way to overcome that fear so that I can better interact with him. It's like my emotions are greatly
intensified during my dream state and it's hard to get them under control.
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Mark ~
like my emotions are greatly intensified during my dream
state and it's hard to get them under
Perhaps this is the clue?
The bear snatched your prize away. The bears were
frolicking in the water(emotions). Perhaps they are
telling you to let go of the control? Let the emotions
run through you? Loosen up, enjoy. Then you might find
your prize landed in your lap. ImageImage
"A Fox is a Wolf who sends
flowers." - Ruth Weston

A Fox is a Wolf who brings flowers.

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I think SwanFeather is
right here. As a man you are *supposed to* hae control
off your emotions and you are doing right there. *smile*
... but in dream time it is not so, so you seem to try
hard to get them under control. But .. do you have to? Do
you have to have control at all times?
As SwanFeather said do relax and let the
emotions run through you and see how you really feel?

As a *typical* cancer person I am
and always was a 100% emotional person ... and ..
(hehehe) am not afraid at all during my dreams .... and
keep my emotions better under control there than in real
life! *grin*
So ... let go of your
control of your emotions and let them be and see what
happens then.
Love, Light and

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I understand what you are both saying. I've been
fighting for some form of control over certain events
that have been going on in my life lately, and I'm aware
that I need to let go of this need to control what is
happening to me. I think that Bear's actions in my dream
is a blunt way of showing that things happen that are
beyond my control and I need to learn to live in
As for my emotions, I
feel that my fear of Bear during dreamstate keeps me from
learning important lessons. My first reaction is to
protect myself or hide rather than stand my ground and
face what I'm being shown. But I also think that part of
my fear comes from the fact that Bear's lessons are hard
ones to learn.

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While I agree with the responses here, what keeps
jumping at me here is fear...fear of something in
yourself not Bear. It feels like Bear is emphasizing that
fear. Letting the Bear Medicine in you come out to play?
I say this because when Bear first started appearing to
me it was in frightening numbers too and I stood back
from that fear initially rather than confronting it. It
happened that way with Wolf too. Later and as much time
passed I worked through those issues to embrace the
Medicine. It was all trial and error as I had no teachers
at the time to help me see what I was running from was
myself. The spirits themselves meant me no harm, they
were only mirroring what was there within me already.
Hope that helps. Image~To Be A Feather In Spirit's

~To Be A Feather In Spirit's Wing~


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Black Dove
You said:
when Bear appears to me in my dreams I'm usually afraid
of him and have difficulty interacting with him, or he
does something that frightens
Bear is the in the west on the
Medicine Wheel: the place of introspection. As such, is
Bear representing your interation with your inner self?
In the waking state our mind controls our interactions
with our inner self, in the dream state it is more the
opposite way around. Does the bear in your dreams somehow
represent an element of fear of the mind not being in
control: of relaxing into the more spiritual less
rational aspects of your being perhaps?

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I realize now the message that Bear was trying to
tell me. The dream was premonition of more hardship to
come. In fact, the symbols of Bear stealing away the fish
I had caught and the turmoil of the bears wrestling in
the pond came true a few minutes ago.
My wife just called me to tell me that she
lost her job. She had been previously out of work for
several weeks before landing this one and things were
starting to look bleak for us financially. Then this job
happened and everything started to look better for us,
but now it didn't work out and we're back in serious
financial trouble. If she is not able to find another job
in the next few days, we will loose everything we have --
the house, cars, everything. We ate up all of our savings
when she was out of work last month and have nothing to
fall back on. We even borrowed some money from family to
help get us by, and we can't borrow anymore. We just
bought a house, and now I'm afraid that we're going to be
out on the street.
If this is a
test/life lesson, it's the hardest one I've ever faced
and I'm afraid we may not survive it. This entire past
year has given us hardship after hardship, and whenever
we think we've gotten a step up, we receive another
devestating blow that takes us down several more steps
and puts us further behind. Everything is completely out
of my hands because there's nothing I can do to make it
any better. I'm angry, frustrated, and more than a little
scared at what's going to happen to us.

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I'm so sorry. You'd think your lessons would give
you a slight turn for the good.
Can you rent
out rooms to kids or single people? I know the job market
and housing plain sucks these days. I know this gal in
our group does this to keep her house afloat, rents rooms
to people. Her house is the kind of house you
My prayers to you that things get

Believe and
Everythings Possible!
Believe and Everythings Possible!

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((((((((((((((Mark))))))))))))))) Image Holding
space for you and your wife.
Bear is
a protector. How much of you is feeling afraid to
confront the protector within you now that you're facing
this amount of hardship? In an emotional sense, do you
fear you've failed as a provider/protector? Facing such
material loss is quite devastating in so many ways.
Were you
fishing for food? Or were you fishing for
"prize"? The first is essence,
nourishing one's essence - the second is feeding one's
ego (that part of our selves that is made up of who we
*think* we are or should be).
it be that Bear is asking you to surrender who you think
you are (an excellent fisherman) or should be (a
provider) - and who you fear you are not (fear of not
being good enough, failure)... to the essence of Bear who
plays while the river (life and circumstance) flows
around him?
I add my prayers for
things to get better VERY soon!
~Life begins at the end of your comfort
Drive-by Mouse

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Thank you for your prayers. At this point I don't
know what to think. I think that the fish wasn't a
frivolous "prize" per se, but
symbolized our accomplishments. Bear taking it away
signified a serious setback for us.

I'm not the provider as my wife makes a lot more than I
do. But we based buying our house and spending a lot of
money to fix it up and refurbish it on our combined
salary. I have a steady job, but it doesn't come close to
her salary. My salary covers the mortgage while her's
covers everything else. But the job market has turned
against us and now her income is unreliable at best. I
honestly wish I was the provider and that my income took
care of us, at least then I'd feel a measure of control
over this situation. I'm feeling helpless because there's
not much I can do to help the situation. I just can't go
and get a better paying job than I'm already making with
my current job skills.
At the moment
my wife is the one feeling like a failure. She's taking
all of this hardship to heart and feels like it's all her
fault, when it really isn't. It's been hard on both of
us, but she's blaming herself for the predicament we're